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MTdaw picking up noise from iPad mic

edited December 2012 in App Tips and Tricks

First off thanks for Audiobus! What an awesome app! I'm new to MTdaw and it seems to be picking up the sounds of me touching the different AB control buttons or just shifting my Ipad3 around. I turned off input monitoring but I can see the level meter jump when I tap
My IPad.It happens with nlog and sunrizer so far. No problem with loopyhd so I think it's something with MTdaw. Any ideas?


  • This is probably a question best asked on the MultiTrack DAW forum, @Jomazz.

  • Try adding multitrack daw first in audiobus then add your input apps last. This worked for me.

  • I was going to say this as well. Will open a seperate discussion for this. The order in which you load your apps my prevent such problems for happening. Be careful with Apps in the effect slot and nothing selected in the output or input, the MIC might pic up and go into feedback :)

  • ... or use headphones :)

  • Check that your effects app is what's being recorded and not the mic input. You can also hear apps that are running in the background that are not running in audiobus too.

  • Have you tried changing the source on MTDAW? I've forgotten to do that on TJ a few times and its picked up from the mic instead of the app

  • Source is probably going to be the answer. That happened to me as well. Source is located on each track by the pan pot.

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