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GuitarCapo+ inspired me to make this

edited April 2015 in Creations

Bought GuitarCapo+ yesterday, and it inspired me to make this:

(if you don't hear a thing, click arrow down button at bottom of page)

I just want to share this now, but perhaps I will delete this later cause I am yet unshure about how good it is.

I didn't use GuitarCapo in the endmix. GC just inspired me with the choice of chords. So you don't hear GC in the track.

Made with Audiobus, Garageband, Bias (or Flying Haggis, i can't remember), Audiomastering, and some effects i can't remember.


  • Very soothing and tasty @Marcel.

  • Can hear Mark Knopfler singing over this....

  • Thx guys! :) Love to hear your comments :)

  • Sweet. Very tranquil piece of music with tasty guitar playing. Enjoyed it very much.

  • @supanorton - thanks a lot for very nice comment, happy to hear you like it :)

  • What a nice track! Proud to see GuitarCapo+ mentioned as inspiration. Thanks :)

  • edited April 2015

    @tonappas - Thx for nice comment! :) GuitarCapo+ sure was an inspiration for this one. The Chord Chart and to hear how the chords sound together, inspired a chord progression that I otherwise (without GC) wouldn't have found. The D13 chord, haha, my knowlegde doesn't reach that far.

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