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Ambient Blues Tracks

These tracks were performed and mixed in Auria. The usual suspects are at play with special mention to Boarderlands Granular, Mitosynth, Orange and Jamup/Bias.

I welcome any comments and feedback. Best Heard with headphones. Thanks for listening.


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    Started out like a knock-off Quentin Western soundtrack (Lock, Stock and Smoking Spaghetti ?), but then morphed. Love the first minute. Found the guitar at 1.15 seemed to take the tension out of the piece somehow, lost a little dramatic impact and then at 2.05 picked up again and then by 3 and the re-emergence of the organ and incipient madness was great (to these twisted ears). I have no idea what you have here or what your headed for, but I want to see the film or eat the banquet made from these ingredients. Interesting stuff. Perfect choice of photo btw.

  • Conjures up images of a posse of weathered gunslingers riding skeleton horses, their cyberpunk weapons poised like natural extensions to their arms, becoming notorious arbiters of Old West Justice.

    Liked the musical triptych, can’t quite decide if the timing issues are quirky or distracting. Still great ideas going on in there.

  • JGY I thought you would recognize the photo, the organ sound was actually from the app ifretless brass blended with a patch from PPG Wave Generator.

    Intresting visuals pangolin; somewhat inspiering, not what I had in mind, but hey, its an instrumental, it will mean diffrent things to diffrent people.

    Thanks for listening and commenting.

    If I may ask, what are you monitoring with, as I had a hard time getting the 3rd track to sound like I wanted?

  • Not sure if you're asking me, but I'm listening through Harman Kardon 'Soundsticks' on my computer, iLoud speaker on my iPad. On the 3rd track the lead guitar level is a tad loud. But it's all subjective and I still like the track.

    If I record anything I'll listen back through my brothers Alesis Mk2 speakers for recording and mixing. But I've never been totally happy with my own mixes, I have yet to acquire a practiced ear, the patience and the mastery and subtleties of compression & eq.

  • many thanks, and I tend to aggree on the 3rd guitar part level, I used a bit to much saturation to bring it up front.

    enjoy Life while we got it.

  • Loved all three of these. Nice work! Only feedback is probably a pretty personal thing: I'd remove all of the lead guitar (both parts) from All the Kings Men. That beat is wicked and to me the ever-present guitars are distracting.

  • Great track. It reminded me of the soundtrack to the animated movie Heavy Metal.

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