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Audiobus is the app that makes the rest of your setup better.

Does any ios DAW have BPM detect/tempo sync?

And if so, is it any good? also, im referring to audio clips, not MIDI

Thanks in advance guys!


  • Not a DAW but Meta DJ has BPM detection.

  • Auria uses DIRAC and the quality is top notch.

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    thnx guys! actually have both those apps (deleted meta dj as i was mostly using looptastic) auria doesnt have bpm detect unless loops are apple loops or rex i think and meta dj cant import audio files. i like sampling loops from songs and wanna be able to sync them together automatically. im downloading electrify now and hoping it will be able to do that.

    actually, on second thought, i know you can copy and paste audio into looptastic and studio hd so maybe meta dj can as well?

  • No, but you can use any of the numerous bpm detecting apps that people have suggested in other threads, then once you know the bpm value you can set it in your DAW.

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    thanks paulb, yes i have many of those apps. im looking for efficiency here as ableton can do many of these actions in a heartbeat but im trying to bring my entire workflow to ios.

    when youre working with 20 or more loops, something as simple as auto bpm detect can be a huge time saver

  • In that case, best of luck. I know of nothing that does everything you want.

  • Electrify for iphone definitely does not do everything, if not anything. Just wasted $8 on a buggy app that only plays kick. AVOID!!!

  • On second thoughts...

    Have you spoken to the folks at Soundtrends LLC?

    They do a lot of loop based stuff with automatic time stretching of loops to fit bpm, etc.

    They may be able to help.

  • thanks paulb, i do have their apps. theyre not ab compatible but ive already contacted dev and he said possibly in future update. theyre already part of my workflow but ive got to manually edit all these loops to be exact and then import individually into looptastic or studio.m

  • Yeah, I felt very burned by Electrify to go when I originally bought it back when it came out. The app was way overhyped, but there weren't as many truly great apps back then, so it seemed more useful, but once I got it… wow it was awful. I couldn't believe the samples were being heralded by others as highest quality on the appstore! Sadly, a lot of the things said about it like that at the time are still out there on the net, waiting for another willing victim. There are quite a few mostly dead audio apps like that on the appstore which have 2-4 year old fawning reviews, but are complete junk in our modern higher standard context.

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    Sorry to hear that you fell victim as well. While I want to praise great developers like the Audiobus guys and others, I dont appreciate being led on and made a guinea pig for apps when we as music creators, also have jobs to do. When these tools dont work, not only have we wasted our money, but our precious time as well.

    I'm sure the Electrify developer wouldn't appreciate his Mac not turning on when he wanted to work on important code. Not cool

  • Loopy HD !!!

  • @gjcyus said: , "I dont appreciate being led on and made a guinea pig for apps when we as music creators, also have jobs to do. When these tools dont work, not only have we wasted our money, but our precious time as well."

    Wow... Lighten up a bit! Nobody is forcing you to buy any apps at all.
    We have all bought apps we wish we wouldn't have, but its your own fault if you get a stinker. Do some research!
    Sorry for the rant, but man!!!!

  • Also, bear in mind that this app was built for iOS v5 and released in December 2011. IOS v6 has had a reputation for screwing up audio apps and requiring devs to scramble to fix the issues it caused. The guy's on it, give him a bit of time to come through.

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    @DaveMcGoo - I love Loopy but it doesnt allow you to trim samples. thus my reason for searching for a DAW that have these features.

    @PaulB - I understand issues should happen but then post that in description then. I appreciate honesty and if you read Electrify thread you'll see I even said I would happily buy ipad app if it worked.

    @dubhaus - This is the first time youve responded to one of my posts in awhile so youve obviously got some beef with me ever since my software post since you didnt tell AQ808 to lighten up and he had a bad experience? I respect your technical skills as we're in the minority here when it comes to caring about 24 bit 48khz sound quality but this is an internet forum where ppl can freely express their opinions. last time i checked this wasnt communist china. Have you ever used Yelp? If so, you should check yourself before saying "lighten up". I'm not rich so $8 is a crapload of money to me and id much rather give it to talented caring developers like Sebastian, Giku for impaktor, matheiu for intua, Rim for Auria, looptastic guys.

    for the record, you dont see me starting a I Hate Electrify thread and if it was $1 or $2, I probably wouldnt even had mentioned anything (I haven't for sooo many btw)

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    No beef here... Just seems like your taking yourself a bit seriously blaming a developer who provided a product to you for wasting your valuable creative time...

  • if the product worked and i still blamed him, that would be extremely retarded of me. But it doesnt even work dude. I get like one kick sound even though it advertises its got all these kickass samples.

    anyways, respect to him for trying to make a good product. as i said in my response, i understand things happen but just put it in description that theres issues with apples updates. Or say that ipad version works better as i wouldve purchased that instead.

    anyways peace man

  • Electrify defaults with a kick sound but comes packed full with samples. Maybe you should take more time to explore this app - try double tapping the sample window and you should see loads of samples to use.

  • Are you referring to IPhone version or Ipad version? I will be the first to publicly admit I'm a dumbass for making above comments if I have done something incorrectly. I tried pressing almost every button and searching thru each setting. it ONLY plays a drum kick. When I try and press the other boxes in diff rows, no sound whatsoever.

    Thank you for trying to help

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    @trueyorky - I am a dumbass. I admit it. I found sampler and see all those wonderful samples and can preview them. However i have no idea of how to get that sample into sequencer much less the matrix. I was hoping it would be like Ableton where I could dump loops into it, choose the specific portion of the loop that I wanted to play, then trigger each loop to play together or separately. while loopy or looptastic can do a lot of this, the loops need to be precise cuz if not, it'll sound off and was hoping that electrify would allow me greater control of the loop without having to edit it in hokusai or audioshare.

    I'm just not smart enough for this app. Sorry to developer of this app and another other brilliant users who rock it. peace

    Edit: I am going to apologize in other thread. I figured out how to use it (somewhat) It wasn't the easiest app to learn for me as I was expecting it to be like Ableton (that's what some other ppl on forum said) but its more like fruity loops times 30 to me which is not what I was looking for. Sorry to developer

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