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Remaster app sneakiness

Has anyone seen the Remaster app on the AppStore? (Just search for Audiobus) Seems rather cheeky of them to include Audiobus and Audiocopy as part of their app name.


  • I noticed also. I thought it was a great idea. :-)

  • A little odd, but it's all just marketing. We do the same thing with my band Eddie Van Halen and the Beatles featuring Stevie Wonder. You wouldn't believe all the YouTube hits.

  • Keywords. Actually kind of smart of them, they aren't lying since it does support those things

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    I originally considered this app before ultimately deciding to go for the Auria/Pro-Q combo, and mainly because of the IAP system whereby you'd have to pay each time you wanted to save your settings. I'd much rather pay one price and have full automation than have that weird situation of saving PDFs of settings, and managing/importing them when needed. Also, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I believe you have to pay that Remaster IAP per project? Seemed obnoxious to any rational creative flow.

  • @AQ808 - I don't believe that's required anymore, I can save any setup without issue, also audiocopy and paste with now issue. Must've gotten rid of it... On another note, how do you like ProQ because I've been really wanting it lately but haven't pulled the trigger because of the price

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    Well, really, those vids on the fabfilter site sold me on it, just the fact that you can fully visualize pre and post EQ while working on it, and the automation ability from auria, and that you can put extra effects on subgroups and master, basically giving you 8 plugin slots per track, just flat out sold me on it. So, uh, I'm now a proud owner of all the fabfilters but the Pro-L and Micro. I'll probably get the Pro-L soon.

    I'm just really new to mixing, and the ease of manipulating and visualizing things with the Pro-Q just removes a mental barrier I have with the Channel Strip.

    I've got to say, between Saturn as a mic preamp, Pro-Q to visually tame mids, and Pro-C to even out rough dynamics, my vocal attempts finally sound like something not entirely awful. If Virsyn gets Harmony Voice on the bus and allows me to create my own scales, I may even be able to make them in tune as a bonus!

    That said, I wouldn't advise anyone go all in on auria and plugins unless they really believe in the project and the team, and I have to say the constant updates and quality have convinced me. If midi brings virtual instrument plugins at a discount like they have all of these other plugs, I want to be in the position to reap that windfall.

    On top of that, I am on a 4th gen ipad, so take my rec with a grain or two of salt.

    Apologies if my Remaster thoughts were incorrect. I actually had looked it up on the appstore after reading this thread and saw the pdf IAP thing and remembered the reviews I read of it back when I considered it a few months ago. I certainly hope you are correct about the change, because it seemed crazy unfair to me back then.

  • I so far have gotten Timeless 2 & Saturn because If I was going to spend the money I wanted the ones with most flexibility. I battled between Saturn and Volcano but ended up going with Saturn but will prob get ProQ next

  • Also I have all the VirSyn apps except Harmony Voice, but it looks intriguing, your thoughts on it?

  • Highly recommend Pro-Q. I might be mistaken but i haven't been able to make a true hi pass or low pass filter on it, only cuts and boosts at certain frequencies (which it does well though) but on Pro-Q, one swipe and it automatically does it. Plus for those of you who do a lot of subtractive mixing like me (subtractive meaning instead of boosting certain frequencies, you cut unneeded frequencies like high end from kicks and bass), this comes in very handy.

    oh, also when sweeping the eq, layout is much easier on proq vs remaster. i hate having to manually type in the Q settings and i always end up touching the compressor when i get to the low end whereas in ProQ, dont have those issues

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    I think you made the right choice with Saturn over Volcano, as Volcano seems rather aimless as a plug, though it does have some compressor stuff in it, but nothing visual like Pro-C. It's mostly covering a wide assortment of effects, like phasing, flanging, pitch-shifting… even distortion, but all based on the filters, whereas Saturn gives you controls over Distortion and EQ combined, and tons of pre-amp types.

    I think Harmony Voice shouldn't be considered until it gets audiobus. It really is an awesome app when it comes down to the quality of its output, but is just too much of a pain at the moment to use without AB. I feel it blows that Retune plugin in Auria out of the water, so if it gets AB, it will be in my signal path!

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    According to the dev, the PDF export feature is not needed to fully utilise Remaster. It was apparently a custom feature developed for a particular client who then didn't pay the agreed fee, so they slapped the IAP per use on it to make him have to pay something if he ever used it.

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