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eustresstrack: Intro

edited March 2015 in Creations

Rough mix of the first track on my sci-fi concept album "Escape From The Forbidden Planet." Instrumental, might settle on a more evocative title down the line. Scored and created in Music Studio, with an assist from Audioshare, Audiobus, Crystalline, SampleTank and Auria.

Thanks to everyone for the recent thoughts on Soundcloud. It'll do until I have video content.

Any and all feedback welcome, thanks!


  • You had me at 'sci-fi concept album' but the military snares and then the orchestration/melody (and timpani-type rousingness in the last 20 seconds) put me in mind more of The Last of the Mohicans....

  • And you had me at "you had me at Sci-Fi ..." @JohnnyGoodyear

    Rousing is good. Remindful of a movie soundtrack is good. Of that movie soundtrack ... Rock on! Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts :)

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