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The Game is Up (It's Time to Wake Up!)

edited March 2015 in Creations

Kraftwerk inspired Wake-up Call!
Now with added vocoder!

Composed and recorded on my Pad.
Apps used: Funk Box, iSem, DFX, Cubasis, Audiobus, Audio Mastering, Voicesynth


  • I really like that, brilliant, I should, with a bit of luck have mine up later, just finished the vocoder bits, just a bit of mixing left. Someone else mentioned they were working on a Kraftwerk tribute, it must be something in the water. Hopefully I should get started on the Genesis thing later too

  • Thanks!

    @thesoundtestroom looking forward to it, Doug.
    Glad you mentioned Vocoder. I was trying to use a vocoder originally but struggled to get a satisfactory sound (or any effect sound in some cases). It would be great if you could do a mini tutorial on how to record a vocoder voice in Cubasis.

    I know it has been covered elsewhere but you explain the things so well! :)

  • Very cool!

  • @thesoundtestroom Just realised Jakob did a great video on using a vocoder. Managed to add a vocoder using Voicesynth :)

  • I used iVoxel, and I will do a video on recording vocoder into Cubasis/ Auria etc

  • @thesoundtestroom said:
    I used iVoxel, and I will do a video on recording vocoder into Cubasis/ Auria etc

    Look forward to this.

  • Hey Colin, I put a link to your track in the video description on You Tube for my Kraftwerk thing

  • Cheers, Doug! Thanks very much! Just about to watch your video! :)

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