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Auria: the most unstable app on AB?

I really want to love Auria but this app crashes more than any app I have. I bought a new ipad4 with 128 g thinking this would help but to no avail. Really disappointing as I have made several IAP's and would love to use them. When it works its awesome but.. I guess I will just stick with cubasis!


  • I use it all the time on my Ipad 4. It crashes, but rarely. I have a feeling the Ipad is going to have to grow around Auria because it needs so much cpu to run Aura.

  • It tends to crash on me but only when I use up all the memory on ipad 4.

    If you keep an eye on the memory (and processor!) it's fine.

    It's a beast and shows no mercy even on ipad 4, I recommend closing Audiobus down when not in use too.

    Still get some odd messages about Audiobus but there's an update 1.08 on the way with more fixes.

  • The memory issue is the most common, it'll say low memory so I'll close it and open it back up and I'm back up to 4 or 500 mb. Wouldn't think you should have to do all these extra steps. It also crashes after recording a track and switching back to the auria screen, it will re boot auria and of course the track I just recorded isn't there.

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    I use cubasis for audiobus recordings so i dont know about AB stability but i use auria to arrange and master my stuff and crashes are VERY rare on my ipad4.And i make heavy use of a lot of iAP's from Fabfilter and PSP as well.Is somebody (with a lot of crashes)using a jailbreak?Can make a BIG difference perfomance wise...

  • No jailbrake, using it to master it's very soon as Audiobus is involved resources get used up pretty quickly and it becomes quite unstable.
    It depends on spikes in CPU & memory usage as well I think. Overall i may have enough but I get spikes as i initialise a time stretch or change the preset in pro l or record then it's these times it's vulnerable to crash.
    Could do with a memory warning like the CPU warning where everything stops as opposed to it just crashing. This could give you a chance to be more careful with overloading things.

    Audiobus implementation has improved a lot since the last update.

  • @Bootsy I think I've noticed those crashes seem to happen when I switch back to Auria before Auria has had a chance to process the recording I just finished. So, if I record from JamUp and then stop the record and instantly try to open Auria I get that crash issue (and no recorded audio. boo). I feel like I haven't gotten them anymore since I've realized that and started waiting a few extra seconds for Auria to finalize the track before switching to it. Just something you might want to give a try. Seems to work for me.

  • @DaveMagoo No jailbreak on mine. @boone51 thanks, I was kind of realizing that this morning, so ill have to keep a better eye on that. Still can't figure out why I open auria and I have very little ram mem, like 45 mb then close it and reopen without doing anything else and it shoots up to 480 mem. Seems kind of crazy jumping thru hoopslike that..

  • Found this on the Auria forum under Bug Reports. Looks like Rim fix the issue. Auria is still #1 in my book, for support, and features.

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    Yeah, Auria let me down a few times, crashing after recording a long take and switching quickly from the other app to its screen when in AB. There goes the good take, gone forever... It really needs some time to process.
    But it's still the best DAW, no other can beat its effects and overall mixing facilities. It's really professional.
    So now I do all the Audiobus recording job in Cubasis (as I really need the sequencer as well anyway) and export to mix in Auria or on the desktop.

  • @FIbeiro same here really, only I prefer BM2. Then I c&p over to Auria after doing the mixdown to individual tracks feature.

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