How to use Beatmaker and Audiobus NOW

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I used BM2,Sunrizer,AB and Multitrack for this on an ipad 2.

Open BM2 and create an empty Midi Instrument.Feed Sunrizer with the Midi notes from BM2 while
you record the results via audiobus in Multitrack.Then copy/paste it from MDAW into BM2.
Why not use the classic way?Cause in this case the recording can be as long as you wish
while you record all the knob movements well.

Allthough i dont know how long the recordings in sunrizer can be :)
But a lot of (other)apps allow only a more or less short recording time.


  • Lovely! Great idea.

  • Can you demonstrate this in a little video?

  • uhm,sorry.Currently not.I thought its kinda self explained if you are familiar with virtual midi.Just create a virtual midi connection from BM2 to Sunrizer (or any other app that can handle virtual midi and support audiobus),throw Sunrizer and Multitrack (or loopy)into Audiobus and record the result while Beatmaker is running in the background (and firing midi notes to sunrizer of course).

  • And just to tease us beatmaker is now one of the apps visible when you open Audiobus. You just can't access it

  • edited December 2012

    I've told the Beatmaker dev to stop being so cruel and change some of their settings to hide Beatmaker from Audiobus again so you're not tortured this much. But you can see he's working on it...

  • Aaaah the torture.....

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