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Cubasis 1.3

edited April 2013 in General App Discussion

from their website. Looks like midi clock for 1.4?

Cubasis 1.3 available soon!
by crohde » Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:52 am

Hello Cubasis users,

We will upload Cubasis 1.3 to the app store very soon. Here is the complete list of what you can expect.

New Features

New StudioEQ 4-band EQ (fixed position in every track + available as additional PlugIn).
New Brickwall Limiter (fixed position in master bus)
This means that you have now 4 insert effects per track instead of 3!
FLAC Im- & Export (Import: 8/16/24/32-bit FLAC files, Export: 16-bit 44.1 kHz FLAC files).
CPU/Polyphony Meter (CPU shows total usage of all cores, polyphony shows current polyphony as a fraction of max. polyphony selected in setup).
MIDI Panic Button (Tap on button sends MIDI panic signal via CoreMIDI and stops all audio sources played by the audio engine).
Cubasis can now be assigned as Audiobus input and output simultaneously.


CB-674 Audio routing for insert effects has been corrected to pre fader functionality.
CB-1052 Input channel assignments of audio tracks will now be saved with the project file.
CB-1071 Pitch bend data will be moved correctly when copying/pasting MIDI events.
CB-676 Audio editor ruler labels will now be displayed correct at higher zoom levels.
CB-843 Fixes a remaining problem where the input metering displays an incorrect value after an external audio device has been connected.
CB-1077 Fixes a rare issue where mixdown in WAV and/or M4A format could not be completed successfully.
CB-998 Reverb and delay mix are automatically set to 100% when used as send effects.
CB-627 Effect overlays no longer get closed by accidental touch while editing parameters.
CB-1097 The display of level meters (e.g. in the mixer, inspector) is no longer fast-paced.
CB-535 Changes to send effects are audible immediately after they have been edited.
CB-1004 File names of audio and MIDI files are now updated correctly in the arrange window if these have been renamed in the editors.
CB-995 Editing of audio files that have been renamed now works as expected.
CB-1088 Scrubbing of audio events has been corrected and starts at the position of the cursor.
CB-382 Multitouch operation in audio editor no longer stops playback.
CB-427 Opening the audio editor places the playhead at the beginning of the audio file.
CB-702 Audio editor selection markers snap to the edge of the view.
CB-839 Creating an audio mixdown during playback no longer provides wrong results.
CB-931 Audio tracks no longer lose sync if headphones are connected or disconnected during playback.
CB-1033 Input monitoring no longer bleeds into the audio mixdown.
CB-1098 Opening a zipped project containing audio tracks from another app like Mail or Safari no longer omits the audio files.

The next update will address MIDI clock among other things! Best regards,

Carlos Mendoza Rohde - Product Marketing Manager Cubase & Apps
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
Check out Steinberg on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook


  • Thanks for the post @Ian.

  • Nice that Cubasis finally get an EQ.I was not hoping for Midi clock but at least midi thru...and editor improvements (it becomes a Dia show if you zoom into slightly bigger projects....on an iPad 4!).Okay,next update then...or next....or next.

    But i really appreciate that Steinberg throws out an update each month.That's much more then i'm used to from this company^^

  • Yeah, the EQ etc. updates are great but the midi editor screen focus really needs sorting out! Was expecting that to be done this update as well.

  • The EQ will be very welcome - good that its automatically on each channel - and the copy & paste of pitch bends has been bugging me so great that will be fixed too!

  • Should make the audio editor a much less frustrating experience.

  • This is probably always gonna be my main goto DAW..for stabilty alone its worth the money..

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