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Chordbot MIDI into BM2

I've been playing around with chordbot and would like to record the midi directly into BM2. I've been able to export the midi and import into Dropbox then into BM2 however I end up with the midi info as well as 12 other channels that I have to delete. I suspect this is due to my lack of midi experience and still being new to BM2. I've looked at the BM2 manual but I'm even more confused about routing midi after reading it. If any one has a good workflow for this I would greatly appreciate it.:)


  • Lars, the developer, has two open ears for useful ideas. You should drop a mail to him.

  • Thanks Klangsulfat, I contacted Lars at Chordbot and received a response to my midi questions. The question about multiple channels appearing in BM2 - "Chordbot currently exports all 8 channels plus one control track regardless of if they contain any data or not. I'll clean this up in the next update." My question regarding Midi info transfere using audiobus "Routing from Chordbot to BeatMaker via AudioBus should definitely work (otherwise let me know) but that's audio only, no MIDI." And then this "Virtual MIDI support for live MIDI
    recording is also on the todo-list but will probably take a while." Thanks to Lars at Chordbot for his quick and informative responses and to Klangsulfat for the direction. I hope this helps others. If anyone hasn't yet checked out this app it's worth a look. It's a great tool for inspiration.

  • I was wondering the same thing the other day.

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