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guitarism updated to 3.0 with universal iPad/iPhone support and awesome new artwork

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Ok folks it's finally here! The guitarism 3.0 update just went live on the App Store, and guitarism is now a universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! guitarism 3.0 also features vastly improved playability for Smart Strings (great for finger-picking), and some stunning new artwork from none other than our own @Ryan!

Like I've said before, it's awesome how Audiobus brings not only music apps together, but also their developers and users. I met @Ryan right here on these forums, and he said he liked my app and offered to make some pretty pictures for it. Little did I know that this guy is a world-class graphic artist! I quickly signed him up to partner with me on this release and the results are stellar. You'll see an all-new icon, new intro screen and new (vastly improved) 'acoustic' theme for the app (you can still go back to the older 'fire' and 'ice' themes if you really want to). I've always wanted guitarism to have the best sound and best interface among all the guitar strumming apps, but now it also has the best visuals. I hope to be working with @Ryan for a long long time :)

I originally designed guitarism to be an iPhone-only app and resisted porting it to iPad until I could come up with an interface that would really work on that device. I'm happy to report I now prefer playing guitarism on iPad instead of iPhone, which gives me some indication that this is a good adaptation of the app, and not a rushed port. It also works great on iPad mini. You can play it as a regular tablet-on-desk instrument, or you can hold your tablet like a guitar, fret the chords and strum away. Jamming on a glass device never felt so good!

Here's a video I made covering all the new stuff:

Grab the update today and let @Ryan and I know what you think! And if you like what you see, consider gifting the app to a friend!



  • Thanks @Rhism I have a lot of videos to show you guys too. I'll make a new thread for most of them but here are the important ones. :-)

    Recording into Garageband:

    Intro to Secondary Chords:

    Turning Guitarism into an Electric Guitar using Audiobus and Ampkit:

    Hope everyone likes what they see! :-)

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    @ Rhism & @Ryan great work. Will be gifting this one.

  • Great job guy thanks for all your hard work....

    @Ryan... I see!

  • I just finished downloading and playing with the new version. WELL DONE!! I'm now eagerly awaiting a nice electric guitar sound set! Bring on the in app purchases! :-)


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    Nice work guys! Looks and sounds good.

  • Haven't tried it yet but hot damn that is a lovely looking guitar. Way to go guys!

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    Kudos @Rhism and @Ryan - downloaded the update, played it for about 20 minutes. The previous version was great, but this version is BETTER!! The chord progression memory using multiple fingers, brilliant. And the graphics, top notch. Lovin' the Acoustic theme.

  • Excellent.
    The Revolution continues!

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    Excellent work Rhism, great graphics there Ryan. Even more of a joy to play then before.

  • Awesome! Thanks everyone! Hooray! I don't have to keep this secret anymore! It was soo hard! lol :-))

  • Nice improve and beutiful graphic from Ryan ,make me more natural when playing.

  • Really good. What was I supposed to do in Facebook again? I think it's to register the smart strings ( that'll teach me for downloading before my first coffee)

  • Congrats Rhism and notch job. I always loved Guitarism, and this update for iPad is excellent, And lovely graphics..what I really like about this is the fact that all the original features are still there and function the same way, with just a couple of extras for iPad, and that you guys have not gone mad just because you have the extra real estate on the iPad..brilliant.

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    @Ian no I think that's just for the Rhism Nation log in :-) If you don't use it you can still use smart strings. :-)

    Thank You @thesoundtestroom although there really isn't any added features on iPad , it's the same thing as iPhone/ipod touch, just arranged in a different way :-)

  • Hi @Rhism! Thanks for the app, love the guitar sounds :-)
    A small (and possibly unwelcome) request: can be possible to implement an automatic strumming mode - similar to the one in futulele?

  • Lovely work guys.

  • Thank you so much - the new layout works really well, and you have maintained the simplicity and ease of use. Great graphics too, Ryan!

  • @Rhism What a great update! So easy to play, great sounds and now "photo real" graphics (excellent work, @Ryan!)
    Thank you! :)

  • @Rhism and @Ryan - been waiting for this update and very pleased with it. Great job. @Rhism - I didn't see any mention of the mute string volume being increased, but it seems that it is. Was that part of the upgrade?

  • Congrats to both @Rhism and @Ryan

  • @Rhism and @Ryan , Its a thing of beauty, both sonic and optic,thanx a lot.

  • Stop it. Don't make me buy more apps.

    Seriously the update looks great.

  • Looks very nice. Might I add that this app works exceedingly well with JamUp Pro XT on audiobus on an iPad2. Now I just need to get that second finger or thumb working those chord changes. Too used to tilt!!

  • Thanks for all the kind words all, and thanks for gifting the app @mgmg4871! Anyone who would've paid extra for a separate iPad version, now can gift it to a friend instead :)

    For the record I should add that collaborating with @Ryan has been just fantastic. Right at the start I told him "I've kept an abstract look to avoid competing with the other apps on looks, but if we're doing this we have to go all the way so you'll need to make guitarism the best-looking guitar app ever (no pressure)" and he just shrugged and said "Let's do it!" This guy is fearless.

    @Ian FB login is for Rhism Nation as well as to register your in-app purchases - provides a smoother "Restore Purchases" workflow without entering your password. Plus if I ever made an Android version I might be able to use that FB registration to transfer settings and IAPs across versions which would be pretty neat.

    @thesoundtestroom No extras for iPad, everything is 100% cross-compatible between iPhone and iPad (even the new "hammer-on / pull-off between chords" works on iPhone too now). But of course many things are just done differently, which results in a very different experience.

    @rrc2soft No request is unwelcome! Whether or not I actually do it (and when it gets done) are another matter :) Can you describe the scenario in which you'd want automatic strumming?

    @funjunkie27 Muted volume is unchanged actually - I spent a bunch of time trying to make that change but it was causing instability in general volume levels so I shelved it for now.

    @fprintf Were you actually tilting your iPad before this update?

  • Not to detract from a great update, but was there talk of Midi at some stage or am I dreaming that?

  • @PhilW Yep, this is far from the last guitarism update :)

  • @rhism yes, I have been tilting the iPad. Is that odd? I'm sure I'll get used to the new way, I won't be a stick in the mud.

  • @Rhism Basically my ability to play the guitar (or anything) is basically nil - I have no coordination at all. But I still want to compose, and to get some phrases out of a guitar without writing the midi. Too lazy :-P (check the futulele app for an example on how automatic strumming is done).

    I think there are two ways automatic strumming can be implemented. First approach: you implement a "capture gestures" system (an array of time + touch location + event), and then you allow us to play those gestures automatically (i.e. the system is fed with those automatic gestures, so the changes to the code are theoretically small) - just pushing a button like in futulele. No predefined patterns/"patches" are included, we users are the ones who "record" the strumming patterns. Second approach: you use the previously described system to capture some strumming patterns, and then implement a fully futulele-like system (i.e. strumming patterns as developer-made presets).

    ...yeah, I know, I am just lazy. Anyway, thanks for the universal version! :-D

  • Thanks, Rhism, you're doing a great job!

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