send tracks in a daw app to diff. apps in effects slot

hello michael & sebastian

thought it'd be cool if you could put a Daw app in the input slot in audiobus and have it send different tracks in the app to different apps in the audiobus effects slot, example: send track 1 in bm2/auria/multitrackdaw through magellan, track 2 through jamup, track 3 through compressor (

yes yes, i know audiobus only only takes 1 app in he effects slot at a time, but i this'd be too cool... ;D

thanks for all ur hard work,


  • Even with just one FX slot, I'd like the ability to bypass it for some apps in the input slots, e.g. Guitarism and Funkbox in input slots, JamUp in the FX slot, but bypass JamUp for Funkbox so that only Guitarism gets the FX.

  • Yes to both ideas!

    There are times where i might have a drum groove going on, say from beatmaker, and also glitchbreak playing but then only wanna add fx to beatmaker's beats, NOT glitchbreak.

    as for daw idea, I always wondered how the eq and compressor apps like Remaster planned to sell their app unless you could do something like this? I have auria and im only usin their eq and compressor for mixing whereas with remaster, i use it for a very specific need (drumagog triggering) but it would be much more valuable if it could be used in the actual mixing process.

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