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Beatmaker 2 recording midi note poly-pressure from Animoog...

I have Animoog as an input, BM2 as output.

I have Animoogs midi out set to Bm2.

When I record the midi notes i play on Animoogs touch keys into BM2 I cannot seem to get the touch keys to slide up and down to smoothly vary the poly-pressure.

I notice you can vary poly pressure by touching up and down the key but not by sliding which means you have to play the note several times to get the variance (or manually adjust in bm2).

Has anyone attempted this and got it working ?


  • i tried it a couple of times as well.I think its not possible to record the poly pressure in BM.Shame it is indeed.

  • Just tried it with Cubasis and its the same, if you press up and down the touch pads you affect and record the variations in poly-pressure but when you slide it records nothing of the poly-pressure....

    I will ask Moog and see if I get a response.

  • Is there ANY app that can record animoog's poly pressure? Serious question

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    I haven't yet purchased Animoog's Midi IAP, but if I had, the poly pressure is a main feature I would have expected.

  • Yes it seems a massive oversight for Moog to charge for a Midi Out function that has such an expressive part of the function missing.........

    I wonder is it that bm2 and Cubasis don't have the ability to record it or is it deep in the settings somewhere......

    Still trying to get my head around it...have asked Moog but their forum takes a while to update with your post....I will try Steinberg now...

  • I tried as well I couldn't get it to work with anything like that. I came to the conclusion that there is no point in using midi in or out with animoog. Well not without losing all that expressiveness as Dave said. That is until I learn there is a way to do it or they update it. :-)

  • I haven't looked into it, but I know there are a few apps that will log midi data. Just wondering if you could check one of those to verify that poly pressure is being sent.

  • @funjunkie good idea do you know what the apps are called ?

  • Polychord sends poly pressure.

  • @DaveMagoo - I think MidiVision (same dev that put out MidiBridge) would work.

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    @mgmg4871 can you record polychords polypressure into cubasis or bm2 ? And if so is it a smooth variance that records as if using the pitchmod or is it triggered at certain levels?

    If so then this could negate the question of if Cubasis or BM2 support it or not.

    @funjunkie27 I will look into that.

  • @DaveMagoo You can record poly pressure into Cubasis. I have not tried Bm2 yet. If I understand you correctly, it is triggered at certain levels from one chord to another.

  • @mgmg4871 in Animoog you can vary the poly pressure by sliding up and down the touch keys so one note played can have live poly pressure changes added without having to trigger the note again to vary it.

    Is this the same polychord?

  • @DaveMagoo. Polychord does not have keys . So no.

  • @mgmg4871 ahhh ok thanks.

    Just tried Genome and it works fine and records the varying polypressure on a single note....

    Definitely not Animoog I don't think, must be a settings thing maybe unless bm2 and cubasis just don't support it, I will have to experiment some more....

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    @DaveMagoo What it does have is a pressure gain knob. Adjusted down low you get pretty smooth transition from one chord to next.

  • Cubasis seems to ignore most controller data, except pitch bend, and even with that it does not copy and paste it correctly. I'm hoping this will be fixed in the next update.

  • Hello,

    here is my first audiobus forum entry :)

    Yes most of the iPad sequencers don't support midi controllers higher than 127. I'm dreaming every night of a beatmaker supporting aftertouch and channel pressure.

    As i know, the only Sequencer that supports the poly pressure ist WNA Genome, the poly pressure from animoog is recorded as controls 257 and 258 and are editable.
    The last version of meteor can record animoogs poly pressure, but you can not edit the controller data there.

    cheers from germany

  • edited April 2013

    Thanks for the info bianca and welcome to the forum! Things are starting to get a little clearer in terms of the limitations of these apps.

    Might revert back and try a Genome Auria combo instead of bm2 or cubasis.

    Great Midi implementation really is the missing link now post Audiobus, it doesn't seem to be high on everyone's priority list though at the moment for some reason.

    Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised this year at some point.

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