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Pass It On: The Group Remix Thread

Any interest in doing a collaborative track? It could be like the Postal Service for the Audiobus forum. I'm thinking one of us could provide a basis, say a drum beat or a bass line or whatever. Then they send the track to someone else, who adds another part - synth bit or something. And so on, until everyone had a turn. Beats, vocals, whatever.

We would have to figure out some things like what format to send tracks in and so on, but it could be fun.

One way to start might be to have a thread per collaboration, and have it open for signups for a week or something, that way we would have a list of people volunteering. Then we'd go down the list one at a time in order, with each person passing it on. For example:

  1. Ryan
  2. syrupcore
  3. gjcyrus
  4. jesse_ohio
  5. etc...

Could cap it at 10 or so contributors per track to be reasonable. After one is finished, then another one can start.

After a couple months we could release our own compilation album, haha

Any interest in this, or am I nuts? Thoughts? Comments? Donuts?



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    You picked the wrong person to lead off your song. We already know @Ryan doesn't play nicely with others. ;-)

  • @MrNezumi LOL So that's my rep now huh? You tell em it's a bad idea once and all of sudden I can't play well with others. hehe I dressed up like a woman and kissed a man once too, that's why i'm a gay cross dresser ;-) Anyhow, I also said in that thread that DJ's aren't musicians.. Then my opinion got changed and I ended up attempting to DJ some stuff myself. So all I'm saying is don't count me out.. I'm not set in stone. I'm happy to be proven wrong and I change my opinions a lot. Opinions I love to share with everyone. :-)

    PS: Opinions are like assholes. There is not enough attention payed to mine. wait... what??

  • @Ryan - cross-dressing, man kissing, assholes. Too much personal information! And you forgot, I'm the guy who said you didn't remix/DJ the songs. ;-)

  • @MrNezumi I was the first person to say that. I just tried. I didn't say anything about succeeding. Golly sir, I didn't realize you thought I was such an awful person.. And here I was randomly sending you compliments. Tisk tisk.

  • @jesse_ohio Sounds like a fun idea...if the logistics and format can be decided upon ;)

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    Well, @MrNezumi, the last guy that got in an argument on the forum with Ryan ended up making a sweet YouTube improv apology song. So here's hoping this escalates and then some beautiful music comes out of it!! ;-)

    Maybe ya' both could take a turn on the group remix here?

  • All I have done is agreed with @Ryan. First that he failed at a "DJ" remix and then that he doesn't want to play in a multihead collab. And I'm not much for that either.

    I would consider a collab with Ryan as long as the song doesn't mention his asshole and that we do it as a DJ mix. :-)

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    @MrNezumi hehe :-)) Here's your chance.

    A little punky bass and drum song. 90bpm

    verse goes D E D B D E - F# A D
    Chorus goes C D A E C D A E C D A E - G

    Use just the drums, just the bass, or both. Slice it up, redo it, whatever. :-)

    Download the tracks here..

    @Hmtx What's the group improv? First I've heard of it.

  • I keep getting an Error (404) message from Dropbox. Never used it before. ??

  • I just found out that the problem is on my end. My "end" being China. Perhaps you could directly email me a highly chopped down version.

  • edited April 2013

    Never shared a folder before. I only have my iPad at the moment and it is being difficult. Give me a minute.. sorry.

    EDIT: Oh okay. Sure, what's your email?

  • Hey Jesse, sorry just read your post. I dig the Postal Service (I once jammed with the drummer for Reolutionary Hydra in an old band I played in. RH was Ben's older band)

    I'm busy this week but after a few guys do something, I'll add some parts down the line...

  • @Ryan Just wrote some words, got a melody and keyboard riff, will try and get something recorded and back to you this evening. :)

  • edited April 2013

    So @Ryan is that track you loaded for @MrNezumi only or for others to add to as well?

    (cool bass line btw)

  • @jesse_ohio I was just throwing it out there for anyone to use. :-) I figured that was the easiest way to get it started. AlterEgo_uk might do something I love and you hate, you shouldn't have to opt out cause of that, so you can take the files and do something different, just an example. :-) Then after some people have done things we can talk closer about doing something from scratch as a "band" as we'll start to see who we'd have the most fun with. :-)

  • ahh ok cool. Well in that case maybe I'll do something with it too :D

  • @Ryan OK got my tracks exported as wavs from Cubasis onto my PC but you have only shared the link to your 'Audiobus This 90bpm' folder, not shared it so I can't upload to it - only download. You probably need my email address to share that folder with me so I will send you a message.

    I will also upload a rough mix with my tracks added to yours on my Soundcloud.

  • edited April 2013

    Just a rough mix of tracks I added to the original bass and drum tracks.
    Had a lot of fun doing it (it is meant to be tongue-in-cheek ;) )
    Renamed it Nightmare on the Bus for reasons that will become clear when you listen to the lyrics!

    Recorded in Cubasis on iPad 2 (original tracks imported via Audioshare).
    Vocals sung into iPad microphone (effects in Cubasis)
    Alto Sax in Cubasis
    Synth strings - Magellan via Audiobus, controlled via Midi out from Alto Sax parts and recorded back into Cubasis.

    Will upload individual tracks to Ryan's Dropbox folder once he has shared it.
    Hope it doesn't spoil the original vibe too much :) But I won't be upset if none of my tracks are used in a final version :)

  • @AlterEgo_UK THat was really awesome! :-)) Hahah! It's so happy but yet not happy at all.. So awesome! I'm all smiles over here. :0) Great Job!

  • @AlterEgo_UK - that is great. I got a big laugh out of it. Well done.

    @Ryan - I thought we had something special going on. ;-) My bad. My intention was to do a 1-on-1 collaboration with you, not some sort of ambiguous pile-on thing. Not looking for a "band", so I'm bowing out nicely. I guess I am the one who doesn't play well with others. ;-)

  • @AlterEgo_UK - I like it! Reminds me of Oingo Boingo.

  • @MrNezumi Awww I'm sorry man, I thought you were aware it was for anyone. I wouldn't have posted it all publicly if I knew it was just me and you. We can always do something else if you want. :-)

  • @Ryan - I'm slow. I thought you were publicly calling me out after I razzed you (all in fun). Maybe later, when I feel better and we can work out some kind of guidelines/format, we can do something.

  • @MrNezumi haha! Nope. I would've named the song after you if it was that way ;-) Sounds good man :-)

  • Great fun- brilliant lyrics! I may even be moved to make a contribution myself?

  • @MrNezumi Sorry for jumping in but there is still plenty of room for more track, effects, hooks and a solo! :)
    Or why not do your own thing with the original bass and drum tracks? It would be cool to see what different styles and instrumentation different people come up with.

  • @AlterEgo_UK Don't worry about it. I was looking for a back-n-forth collab, not anything else. I already have a small stack of tracks of my own that need finishing. I'm glad other people are having fun with it. :-)

  • In case anyone fancies adding some extras to Nightmare on the Bus (like a solo etc.) here is a link to a Dropbox folder containing the original drum and bass tracks, plus my additional tracks (as wavs) and an m4a version of my rough mix and a PDF of the lyrics.

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