What's wrong with Gadget on Air 2?

do you guys remember the problems with Gadget and Module (crackling,stuttering etc.when open the key edit with the instrument visible).I haven't used it for a while and just found out now that i have this problem on Air 2 WITHOUT using/owning module.I opened some older songs that worked perfectly fine on my mini retina (roundabout 10-12 tracks)but start to crackle now (and even completely stops the audio) as soon as i open the key editor and an instrument panel is visible.I had to freeze half of the damn tracks to continue with my work.And i use"standard"latency where i used"fast"on my mini retina.I'm starting to ask myself if this could be also related to the"scrollview"bug (auria user with Air 2 should know what i mean)?Gadget uses the same apple style scrolling although it doesn't happen in Gadgets mixer view.Only when a graphical demanding interface is open...anybody else experienced this with Air 2 and iOS 8.1.2?



  • Yeah same shiz here very dissapointing....I have sent Korg Peter321's video and they are working on a fix but still we wait...

    ....I did not like the bit where Rim said hopefully Apple will release a fix "unless it's hardware related". :(

  • Urgh....

    Not getting an air2 until this is sorted.

    Is it ok on an air with ios8?

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    I'm not having any issues with gadget + modules on iOS 8.x, no crackles or crashing of audio engine. On iPad 4. Could this be an issue with the super deluxe displays (and cpu needed to drive them) that came with the air and air2?

  • The iPad screen resolution hasn't changed since the iPad 3; the only substantial differences for Air 2 are newer cpu/gpu and extra memory.

  • Over on the Auria forum there are several threads discussing how the iPad Air 2 has problems scrolling in Auria when the processor load is above a specific percentage (40 or 50 percent). Apparently Rim, the creator of Auria, has alerted Apple, and Apple stated that they were investigating the issue.

    I have no idea whether the underlying issue is software or hardware related, but Rim has attempted to code some fixes into Auria... I don't know if they completely resolve the issue though, which makes me wonder whether it's a hardware issue. I'd take a look over there, as maybe it's related/same issue.

  • I guess it's Air 2 only and therefore i believe it's the same"scrollview bug"that i have in Auria as well.This is scandalous.Scrollviewgate to say so...you can find some infos from Rim here for example http://auriaapp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=12615&start=60

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    I'm pretty sure now Gadget is also affected by the scrollview bug.My air 2 really starts cooking and sucks battery quite a lot whenever i import/map samples and scroll thru the lists (which also uses the apple style scrollview of course).And i'm talking about a default/empty project with just one Gadget open (Bilbao for example).Unfortunately Gadget doesn't have a cpu meter so i can't see the cpu spikes.

    It really want to make this story public,i can't believe that i have LESS available cpu power on my air 2 than i had with my mini retina when i want to work realtime (i mean not stopping the sequencer in Auria or Gadget for edits i'm doing when the cpu hits the 45% and above mark).But Apple won't wake up if nobody complain.Yes,it is a special circumstance that"normal"user won't notice (though EVERYBODY is affected by this,not related to music apps only.I can imagine that's one reason why Air 2 has less battery power than Air 1) but i mainly bought the Air 2 because of Auria (i upgraded my pads THREE times mainly because of Auria)and therefore i'm very disappointed.Rim already confirmed that Auria Pro won't change anything on that matter.

    Btw,Cubasis is not affected because it uses an own way of scrolling (you can see it when scrolling the mixer.If it doesn't"bump"back at the end of the scrolling,it's not the applestyle scrollview).

  • Crazy stuff, Gadget works ok for me on my old iPad 2, though I've resisted the latest update.

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    @Crabman: I agree with you. It's strange that there is more trouble with the Air 2. Indeed, the same problem happen to with retina MacBooks and Logic. Seems that there is the same or a similar "graphic" bug which gives very high cpu peaks even when the audio app is not using much. Apple needs more professionals in their team to solve this.... but then you said it.... they don't care really much about pro users since the normal customers bring the money €$£¥
    Not sure if windows would be a better choice ;)

  • @monzo said:

    Crazy stuff, Gadget works ok for me on my old iPad 2, though I've resisted the latest update.

    As i said,ONLY Air 2 is affected.

  • Isnt graphics ment to be gpu job?

  • I use an iPad air 2 and I don't have this bug... Strange... could it be a "backup restored" related problem?

  • No,i didn't restored my air 2 from an old backup.I installed everything fresh,to have the cleanest possible system.

    Are you sure you don't have it?As for the heating,try to import (or just scroll through) samples (or map them in London)and if you hold your iPad with your right hand in portrait mode (with the home button at the bottom)you should notice it getting warmer quickly.

    You can definitely experience this in Auria as soon as you hit the (roundabout) 45% cpu mark and scrolling the mixer will stop auria very often with a"cpu overloard"warning.

    I'm gonna make a test with gadget later,with a new project and i will count the tracks until this behavior appear.

  • @Crabman, from what your describing sounds like something is using a lot of power, hence the heat, does your battery deplete faster under those circumstances?

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    Okay,Air 2 user.Would you be so kind and test the following?I need
    to see if my ipad is broken or something but i highly doubt that cause the performance
    is great with most other stuff (including graphical demanding games).

    1.Quit all apps,restart your ipad,disable WLANetc,then open gadget

    2.create a new,empty project (default,128bpm)

    3.Create a track with phoenix,choose preset 3 (new wave brass)

    4.set some random notes on every second step (8th)

    5.Duplicate this track 6 times (you have 7 tracks then)

    6.Open the key edit on track 1 (panel visible)and watch/listen.After some bars it starts
    to glitch on my device.

    7.Duplicate it once more,open the edit screen and watch/listen.After some bars the
    sound starts to glitch and completely disappear then!!


    It should be thirty something on Air 2.

    I'll make a video soon.

  • Yup I can confirm 8 tracks blew it for me on air 2

  • Ridiculous but thanks for the confirmation!I had no problems running 15-25 tracks on my mini retina.

  • On mini retina I get get glitches near the start but the sound remains, buts that's with wlan on, no reboot, no clearing ram. Followed everything other than that.

  • Works fine on my iPad 4. However, 1 more track to make it 9 and everything goes to total crap the second you start it.

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    yeah same here on air 2....

    i did notice though that when the sound dissapears completely you can get it back by selecting the "?" in the top right hand corner of the piano roll editor screen!!!.....

    definetly a graphical bug of some sort....very wierd......the god news is Apple will probably have it fixed with the release of IOS 9 :)

  • Got upto 21 tracks playing fine on mixer, but when going into editor glitches quite a lot. Mini Retina.

  • I need to test this out some more tonight hopefully, but -

    i haven't used Gadget much over the past month or so ... I upgraded a couple weeks ago to the latest version. I was going through some older projects a few nights ago, and songs that ran no problem before were now crackling & popping (ipad4, ios 7.0.2). It's like since the last update I can't run as many Gadgets as before. (I usually have no problem running 15-17 Gadgets, with a bit of automation going... now it seems more like 12-13 Gadgets is the limit)

    like I said, I only quickly opened 2-3 projects - I need to try a hard reboot and test things out some more - hopefully it was an anomally and I'm wrong.

  • @knewspeak said:

    Got upto 21 tracks playing fine on mixer, but when going into editor glitches quite a lot. Mini Retina.

    BTW, Safari was running in background as well.

    In this case can't say I envy you guys, hope Apple get this solved ASAP.

  • I'm on an Air 2 and my audio doesn't drop out. It did start crackling every once in a while after doing the 8 duplicated tracks.

  • Tied now on my air 2. 23 tracks with different gadgets playing the same melody... Crackle and pops only in the editing screen. All is a bit random... Tried 3 new test songs... The first started glitching after a while, the second dropped out audio after 4 or 5 repeats...tried on an iPad retina... Same thing... I think it's an app bug after the latest update...

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    mmmh,okay.Thanks for testing.Will post it in the Gadget Forum at least.

    @Mathew:i have to add it only glitches and drops out for me in the edit screen but also in your case counts: glitches with 8 tracks is laughable on Air 2.Should be 25-30 without problems according to Korg: http://www.korg.com/us/products/software/korg_gadget_for_ipad/page_2.php

    Here is something Rim from Auria wrote about it:

    "The Air 2 seems to have some kind of strange bug in the scrollview control. Any kind of scrolling on one of those controls will spike the CPU in the audio thread. It's hard to notice in other apps, because you need to be using a lot of CPU to begin with.

    I'm certain that this isn't an Auria specific issue, because I created a very simple example app to demonstrate this issue and sent it to the Apple engineering team. They're looking into it. It's basically one of Apple's own example projects. I simply added a scrollview control and a CPU meter to their example and the problem happens right away.


  • Interesting.

    I updated to latest Gadget last night.

    I'm on Air 1, iOS 7.1.

    Been using it today with an 8 track song. No issues at all.

    Just tried a 15 track song (one scene has 10 active tracks going playing something in it). No problems at all flicking around between Gadgets, scrolling etc while it plays. That said a lot of my Gadgets are playing samples (London, Abu and Bilbao) so that might help.

    Having 8 synths all playing notes at the exact same time is maybe pretty power use?

  • I used an example preset with a little release so notes overlap slightly.But with 8 tracks it shouldn't be more than 16 notes playing.And no,this is not normal.I created this example because it's easy to reproduce for everybody but i also have this glitches with a wild mix of gadgets.Maybe with a little higher track count due to the short release nature of drum sounds but still far less then an Air 2 is capable of.

  • Fair enough. Hope they (Korg? Apple?) fix it then. Must be very annoying given you have invested in the latest kit.

  • I just tried the test on my Air 2 - glitches exactly like you describe, with sound cutting out completely when 8 tracks are running.

    I originally thought this was related to Module, but it seems to a more general bug then.

    I really hope it gets fixed soon, I bought the Air 2 specifically for the extra power, so this is really a let down :-(

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