PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

Alesis iO Dock with iPad Air OS 8 Does it work?

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There seems to be ongoing controversy on this: . I found a good deal on CL for one. I understand the lightning adapter issue. That's no big deal, but I just want to make sure about running 8 with it before I buy the dock. Is anyone here successfully using the Alesis dock with iPad air OS 8?


  • Hi. I modified my iodock with a lightning connector and my ipad air 2 with IOS 8.1.2 works. I use Setlistmaker to switch my Fantom-G Livesets via MIDI. Also the Mic-Inputs work with Multitrack and various softsynths i can control via MIDI from my Nord. I don't use video out.

  • Thanks for that Herby! I got it a few hours ago, and I'll be testing tomorrow.

  • I don't think the video out would work if using a 30 pin to lighting adapter. Not a problem unless you use vj apps...

  • Yeah, I've heard that. Definitely not interested in vj apps. However I've looked a lot for people doing a quality music and video recording simultaneously with mac, but the only thing I've seen is using photobooth. Would the io dock help in doing this with ipad or is the only good way of doing this to just use separate devices ad sync the audio?

  • I read somewhere that the thinner body of the Air does not fit well with the Alesis. Interested in hearing about this.

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    Right. It doesn't fit conventionally. Here's how you do it: . That's a 4, but here's another one, just slightly different stand with an actual air:

    Just need to make sure the case will allow the lightning port to be exposed on either side if you use one similar to the first video. Not all do.

  • Another possibility to use the "slide in" feature of the ioDock with a little manufacturing is described here:
    I use the ioDock between my keyboards so I can't use it more or less vertically positioned. I added some modifications additionally to the description above to slide in my iPad Air 2. I don't know how the adhesive is called outside Germany, here it is "Tesa Moll" combined with "Tesa Krepp".

  • Very nice!

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