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lightweight channel strip for live looping w/ mic'd audio

edited January 2015 in App Tips and Tricks

hi all,

i want to have a lightweight channel strip (eq, compress/expand) app I can put a mic input through before going into loopy. lightweight because i want minimum latency and need to have 2 separately-processed mono inputs simultaneously (e.g. cello and vox).

AUFX:PeakQ looks nice but i am having trouble with finding a compressor/expander -- there seem to be lots of mastering-oriented apps but that doesn't seem like a good idea for single voices.

the DAW apps of course have channel strip plugs, but i am worried they will use too much processor overhead and i'll have to have big buffers -- want to keep it to <10ms latency with iPhone 5S

any ideas?


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    You could try this one:

    „Level.24“ von elephantcandy

    Microphone input,very low latency,nice interface.Can't say much about the Comp/Limiter,i only use it for the EQ and Analyzer (especially the analyzer was the reason to buy it and it works great and very smooth).

    edit:scratch that.Only for iPad,sorry.

  • yeah that one does look nice. someday i'll have an iPad but looking for an answer for the Phone in the meantime...

  • You could try Magellan Jr. I use the iPad version for this purpose regularly. The iPhone version should work the same with all the same FX. Just make sure you disable everything you don't need to minimize CPU/RAM usage.

  • thanks for the ideas!

    i'm surprised someone hasn't done a classic studio compressor plug (like LA-2A, Manley Vari Mu, or dbx 160) for iOS. all those exist as pc/mac DAW plugins, but i guess we aren't there yet with iOS.

    i think the AUFX guy gets it. probly he will come out with a nice compressor some day.

  • There's an la2a type comp in jamup and the fxpansion chancomp is their 1176 emulation. Their buscomp is supposed to be like an ssl. I'm not saying they're accurate, but that's what they're trying to be. Also, the fabfilter pro-c has different modes that mimic different style compressors.

    In the end, as long as it sounds good, I'm not too worried about the label they give it.

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