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New original song, a bit sad.

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This is not an iOS production, so sorry if I'm out of line, just wanted to share with the friendly bunch over here. To my defence, I used Cubasis during the production, for scratch tracks, testing out ideas etc...

Anyway, as I mentioned in the Whiter shade of pale thread, our keyboard playing buddy passed away last summer. In the following spring we arranged a charity show in his memory, together with some other musicians, and raised a fair sum of money for cancer research. So, about the song... I wrote this as a theme song for that show, and now we have finished the recording.

Here it is:


  • A beautiful country song and a moving tribute. Great production too. I bet there wasn't a dry eye in the house (there isn't one here either!). Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you! Yes, it was a bit emotional.

  • Great song, very personal and a subject we can all unfortunately identify with at some time in our lives. And who cares what you used to make the song, as long as it got made. No better tribute to a friend. I'm glad you shared it.

  • Great song and performance. The vocals are fantastic, and I love the two string country guitar bends, beautiful. Thanks for posting.

  • Damn, i miss someone to, great song, now i gotta find my whisky and water, it was his favorite.

    Heres to all we have lost! salute

  • A very thoughtful and moving tribute - good job.

  • Thanks everyone.

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