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Video - GuitarCapo+ and a QuNeo

edited January 2015 in App Tips and Tricks

Hi all!
I have made a video that shows how a QuNeo MIDI Pad Controller can be used to control GuitarCapo+ using the Pad Mode feature. Chords notes from GuitarCapo+ is sent to Alchemy through the MIDI out feature. Audio is sent further with Audiobus through Crystalline and AUFX:Dub. Sound recorded with AudioShare, video recorded with an iPhone and edited with Pinnacle and iMovie.

Everything played in one take, with on hand :)



  • That's very cool and very inspiring. Can you post all of the pad settings (just what each pad is doing)? I tried to pause the video and read the labels but it was too blurry. Just a photo maybe?

    Also (I haven't used GuitarCapo+ all that much and I should probably just RTFM), can you adjust the strum speed via MIDI? As I listened to the rather lovely tune you put together, I wanted to hear some occasionally slower strums. Something like a CC to adjust speed?

  • edited January 2015

    Thanks :) Strum speed CC is on the list (miss it myself).

    The mappings is:

    c#3/d#3 chord bank up/down

    f#3 - bass on/off

    g#3 - 12-string on/off

    a#3 - stop notes and strums

    c#4/d#4 - capo up/down

    c#5/d#5 - midi out channel up/down

    White keys (on a ordnary MIDI keyboard) from c3/60 and up corresponds to the chord displays strum up/down. This is also mentioned in the user manual

    The pads on the QuNeo is configured based on these mappings.

  • Thank you!

  • This is rad! Have you considered the softstep2 or 12 step? Would b great to control with your feet if chords are just being played, freeing your hands for a lead.

    Cool tune, anyway you could share the template?

  • edited January 2015


    I wasn't aware of the Softstep 2. Looks interesting!

    Here is the preset I have made for the QuNeo. Nothing advanced since I'm not :)

    Edit: The reason for MIDI Ch 5 Out is that I tried making it not trig sounds in SoundPrism Electro (which was my original idea for the video). Though, SP Electro seems to be Omni In so it didn't work, or at least I didn't figure it out. @Sebastian - Maybe I could ask for a configuration option? ;)

    Also a image here, with labels used in the video. Those without label is configured as grids where each one coresponds to the chord pads in GuitarCapo+


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