Tapatalk forum integration

Any chance of getting audiobus forum on tapatalk. Good idea I think ( I use tapatalk for all my forums where available). Anyone else use it and think it would be a good idea?


  • If that means that every time I come here there is that annoying pop-up then I vote for no. If it has no effect for safari or chrome users then I say 'Why not?' :-)

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    I have to authorise the forum to access my Twitter account every time I come here and want to post. There's no auto sign-in with it. Tis well annoying. I'd be well up for Tapatalk integration!

  • I'd love Tapatalk integration and @Ryan I'm sure the popup is optional for devs to integrate but most use it because it will auto open the tapatalk app for you (providing you own it). I've always wondered about this and glad someone finally mentioned it.

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    @Michael_R_Grant That sucks. You sure you can't just sign in using your username/email and twitter password and not use the twitter button? I'm pretty sure all the twitter button does is query twitter for your email and password.. I'm not 100% on that but it should work if you just don't use the button... No? Anyone?

    @JMSexton That'd be all good then.. :-)

  • We'll have a look at it. Thanks for pointing this out.

  • +1 for tapatalk

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    I've enabled support - let me know how it goes =)

    ...wow, this app's lovely! Really good suggestion.

  • Anyone know how to get Tapatalk to recognise my Twitter ID? Tried to set up a forum account for here with the same username but it's saying that a user with that name already exists. Which is me from my Twitter account. But I can't use those details to sign in when I use Tapatalk, presumably because Twitter is a third party and the forum software through Tapatalk doesn't recognise it.

    I'll just set up a new forum account and change my name slightly otherwise, because Tapatalk is so good, but was wondering if the above is possible.

  • @Ryan: I'm not getting any pop-up. Do you?

  • Thanks guys- tapatalk works great...

  • Yeah. I can't pay $8 to use the forum. Sorry guys.

  • Yes! Finally I can just jump on Tapatalk. @Ryan if your a member of a lot of forums (apple, android, music, tech, graphic design, etc) its totally worth it. Simple and easy to use, reply, favorite, notifications, etc

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  • This is the only website I visit.

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    Ryan's said "I live here...I sleep on the bus, I eat new apps for breakfast. AB4LYFE!" Haha just messing around

  • @Ryan: I've sent you a mail.

  • I've passed on Tapatalk before but I think it might be worth it for this forum.

  • Blimey that's quick, saying that I would have expected nothing less from you guys cheers. Ryan it is a really good app I'm sure you could find something else to look at on there there really is tons.

  • Users ask. Users get. That's what I like about these Audiobus guys. U R awesum <3

    (Though I don't care about this particular forum feature, it's the dedication to listening and responding that I love)

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    @ryan to be fair Tapatalk is optional, you can still use the website (I did get the dialog, but then I came to the forum via Safari on the iPad, so not a surprise) and should only get the dialog once.

    I frequent a couple of forums that use Tapatalk but I haven't yet taken the plunge for the app. I know others who love it though.

  • Hey Sebastian...can't login through TapaTalk, you have put this option?

  • I've just successfully logged in via TapaTalk, so it's working.

  • Everyday I login with Twitter, now if I want to make new registration your forum say me that Sinapsya is a nane of other member :-(
    Can you delete my old account for me?

  • I've passed on Tapatalk before but I think it might be worth it for this forum.

  • Now I'm a new member.....
    Sebastian, can you change my name of The forum without _AB???

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    Posting this via tapatalk, but it doesn't seem to be updating latest posts...
    This is great- intua, gearslutz, avid forums and now audiobus all in one place!

    Edit- ok now that I've posted, it has updated. Thanks again guys!

  • Ok, Sinapsya_AB.....now it's my new name....on AudioBus forum :-(
    ALL for use it in TapaTalk...but it's cool, I use it for Initua & iOSmusicians

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