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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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    Go to your soundcloud clip on the soundcloud site. Copy the URL from the address bar. Paste it into the forum.

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    This is ipad 3/64 GarageBand tack, guitar recorded with apogee Jam through JamUp into cubasis. Vocal apogee mic in cubasis. Mixed in cubasis, then tweaked in Remaster.

  • Thanks PaulB, I must be stupid or blind but I don't see a URL or an address bar. I'm on the mobile soundcloud does that make a difference?

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    Ahh, it may do. I use safari to access soundcloud on my iPad.

    Ok. Go to your sound you wish to post in the soundcloud app. There should be a row of icon buttons including facebook, twitter, etc. Tap the one with an @ symbol on it.
    That should open an email containing the URL you need. Copy it out of the email, then cancel the email. Paste the URL into the forum.

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    In the mobile app choose share to email. It will create an email with the link in it then copy the link and delete the email. Then paste the link into the forum. Took me forever to figure this out. Getting the link from safari is easier.

  • I will check that out! Thanks mythmongrel.

  • Hi, just wanted to update everyone that my new soundcloud url is (used to be /onwardvoyageur). This is what happens when your band breaks up!

    I wish soundcloud could do redirects.

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    Check this out. The tanpuras in iTabla Pro are sooooo cool!

  • @Mythmongrel Nice tracks, especially Rain. The production in Wolf and Swan is a bit 'live', is that what you were going for?

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    I guess "live" is a nice way to describe a hasty production. Also playing bass with Ifretless is really live. Can't wait for Cubasis update with punch in and out! Rain took a much longer time. Wolf and Swan definitely needs refining. Thanks for listening.

  • Are those your vocals? Very individual quality to the voice.

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    All the "instruments" are my speaking voice abused with Audioshare, DM1, Ampkit effects. Level.24, Thumbjam, Turnado and assembled in Cubasis. This is a let's-learn-about-samplers effort for me. Spent a lot of time with Samplr, Loopy and Synthtronica but none of that made the final mix. Threw away far more than I kept. Like about 90%.

    The main challenge during the assembly/mixing phase was to maintain an at least loosely coherent progression through the various clips. I settled on the deconstruction of the poem into phrases then words then phonemes while trying to preserve some sense of meaning.

    I am overly pleased with this first effort, the next should be easier.

  • Hello, I am an engineer and have been professionally since 1995. I have had the honor of tutoring under James Harris III before taking courses with protools before it was Protools and It was called Sessions 8. My first Project before even finishing any classes was the count down to Kick off for Oklahoma University. In fact I created the show along with Executive Producer and former NFL running back Spencer Tillman owner of Axiom sports. I will say the product does need a lil more power but mainly if your phone or Ipad is full of apps or you put too many high end apps together such as FunkBox, Studio 2, Garageband, and Sample Tank and Remaster. Try using one Fat sequencer along with apps that doesnt have and pull so many megs i=of the Cpus Ram and your project should have less jumps and crashes. Good luck everyone and I hope MPC becomes a part of the Audiobus Family.....By the way I decided to make a little something with Audiobus the moment I downloaded the program and this is what I came up with my first try. You guys enjoy it. ;-)

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  • Yes @PaulB those are my vocals.

  • Hi All,
    Here is the new internet collaboration I'm in.

  • Not really AB usage but something I did in GarageBand and cubasis. Testing my copy and paste from SC.

  • Arpeggionome Pro going to the next level

  • Great idea!! I produce mainly hip-hop, heres one of my tracks!! Hope you like it guys and girls, if you do then, like it ;) and follow please!!

  • @Jameswalker92: Great track, very atmospheric!
    BTW: I am just across the Pennines from you, near Manchester! :)

  • been mucking around with some piano samples, ended up using a typewriter sample for a kind of syncopated rhythm. feedback would be much appreciated :D

  • I like the insistent rhythms in this - I was reminded by the typewriter sounds of Jack Torrence sitting typing away!

  • Here is a follow up to our last song. This one is called "Robot Love"

  • Heres a lazy jam I made yesterday using DM-1, iMini, Galileo, JamUp, Auria, and of course, Audiobus.

  • Cool sound, Galileo comes through particularly.

  • Lovin' all the tunes! The wide variety of genres and the generally excellent craftsmanship make this thread one of my favorite music sites. Thanx to all who post.

  • Wow. I've just been listening to Ambavert's entire set of soundcloud submissions. This guy's the real deal. He has the mind of a classical composer, but is highly experimental. It doesn't matter what style he writes in, he never fails to subvert the genre and his creativity and sheer musicianship shine through. Highly absorbing, even styles I usually don't enjoy were transformed into something riveting. Compared to him I'm just farting around.

    @Ambavert It would be nice if there was more information on your musical background.

  • @Ambavert very original, varied and classy. I felt I didn't know what was coming next - very exciting stuff!

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