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Post your SoundCloud

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Hey, thought it would be cool if everyone posts the link to their soundcloud stream. Many of us already follow each other but their is also many people on here i haven't heard anything from. I listen to Music on soundcloud a lot and I could always use more people, especially ones creating with Audiobus :-)

Ryan on SoundCloud



  • Just 3 tunes up there so far - there will be more!

    Mainly solo re-recordings of stuff from my old bands from the 80s (great way to get used to using all these great apps!) but also some newer stuff and experiments with various apps. Some were done in Reaper but increasingly using the iPad, with audiobus, and Cubasis as DAW.

  • Excellent idea. I love browsing through Soundcloud. I've not got much on it either but got a few tracks about 80% finished that will be up shortly

  • Hi!
    Great idea. Everything I've posted was recorded with Apogee's Mic into Auria (except for the 2 band pieces). If I used an app I listed it.
    All the best,

  • Hi great idea man.. this is mine



  • Ok here is mine. I haven't put any Audiobus music up yet.

  • A solid idea:
    My songs posted are all ipad made and produced and recent ones are starting to get the BUSeffect.

  • And... Looking forward to checking out other compositions/creations/noodlings here.

  • edited April 2013

    Ok! :)

    This is may band - REMOVE SILENCE
    In our SoundCloud set there's a song called "Lurch" in which most of the sounds (except guitars and vocals) are from iPad apps, including iElectribe, Cassini, PPG WaveMapper, PPG Wave Generator, Vogel CMI Pro, Sunrizer, Synth Tronica, etc...

  • edited April 2013

    I made two for some reason, one is entirely projects created using Samplr in one take. The other is everything else I do.

  • Here you go
    As you can tell by the avatar, Burning Hand is my first track made with iPad ;^)

  • edited April 2013

    i make lots of stuff with an ipad/ipod touch, the basement show set is newest tho and made mostly with samplr (used a monotron delay for some outros). samplr's a great instrument, only recently have i started to expand outside of it since i got it. now that i have an ipod touch i think i can run/control glitchbreaks on that and samplr on the ipad, i can get better drums that way and use all 6 channels in samplr for melody/not drums. wish samplr had midi clock..

    anyway, try this one:

    also noisyninja you've got some cool ideas in your tracks :) what do you use?
    same for you negru-jay, burning hand sounds pretty cool

  • @nvrhxd all piano, strings, brass etc were done in Thumbjam. On Flying Disc all samples were triggered from a TRG bank in NanoStudio. I think I will re-record this as it needs more orchestra! I used JamUp Pro for my guitar tones on A Curious Case and also used Multitrack DAW.

    I really like that track you put up too. I'm amazed at what people can do with Samplr. I need to play a bit more with it


    Here is my soundcloud. Experimental sounds and noise music. All done and posted via my ipad or iPhone and using only audiobus and supported apps.

  • edited April 2013

    In the early nineties I had a 486 with 3 sound cards (got them all working under win3.1 for those above a certain age...). I was very active in music creation at that time. Since two years I've been trying to become active again, using mainly open source software under both Linux and Windows. I noticed that my attitude towards software had changed: way too much manual configuration required. Finally, Audiobus on Ipad did it for me: every spare minute well spent now!

  • This has turned out really well. More people posted then I thought and you all have great music in different ways. Keep em coming!

  • @Ryan - great idea! Glad you threw it out there.

  • edited April 2013

    has some Nanostudio stuff and one from the night audiobus was released. (edit: I don't know how to just post a soundcloud link without the Vanilla Plugin adding the full SC player. Sorry for the screen space!) has a load of older non-ios stuff. Ukuleles even. is a band of mine from a couple of years ago. One record recorded in the basement, one in the living room. I'm synth and guitar.

  • this is great. glad this thread is going. great to hear other peeps stuff using audiobus and such. its definitely inspiring to see all this great stuff being done with audiobus.

  • Yeah thanks @Ryan you just motivated me to put some of my tracks on what I should have done ages ago.

    Thanks again.

  • edited April 2013

    Did a short piece testing Bebot, Guitarism, and Garageband in Audiobus.

  • Here's mine: I try to put only finished complete "pop" type songs on here. Mainly because my Mom likes to hear my stuff. They're sloppy, but your Mother is never a critic! Hope nobody gags if they listen:

  • Nice bright pop! Reminds me a bit of the Lightning Seeds ;)

  • edited April 2013

    Thanx, I appreciate that. --Note to all you "can't sing" or "my stuff's no good" people: get over yourselves and put it out there for everybody to listen! We're all in the same bus here so you might as well share your talents. We won't pick on you. No sense singing to yourself!

  • Well here's the first one I've done where you can hear me singing!

  • Great idea Ryan!
    So far I haven't posted anything made with Audiobus (soon I hope) but this post has inspired me to clear out the musical dustbin. I've posted a bunch of "stuff" in varying forms of completion done in Garageband warts and all. A lot of it I forgot about and maybe it should have stayed that way but I think there is some good in it as well;) Enjoy!

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