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Let It Go (...yes, that song from Frozen!!)

edited January 2015 in Creations

This is a song you might not have expected me to cover! :)
However, although it might have been somewhat overplayed, it is a great song and my great niece, Alex Whittle has a great voice!

Recorded into Cubasis on my iPad Air 2, drums, piano and bass from Cubasis, guitars via Tonestack.


  • Love that guitar work and the piano adds a nice bounce to the music. And yes, the girl CAN sing. Very cool cover.

  • Good stuff! Echo Supanorton's comments! As a certified 80's Metalhead, I gotta say I love that song........ And not just because I have a 4 year old daughter. lol.....

  • Cheers, Guys :)
    I am a certified 70s prog/metalhead, my daughters have kids of their own and I haven't even seen the film! lol :) But yes it is a great song that lends itself well to a rock interpretation :)

  • Your great niece has a great voice. How old is she? I think it's awesome that you did this with her, that's the stuff that kids will remember forever.

    And I haven't seen frozen either, although my 9 and 11 year old daughters have, more than once even.
    The best thing about it is that a hit song happened, sung by an actual singer who can really sing her butt off. I saw her in Rent many years ago and she was incredible then. Once in a while even Disney has room for a real singer...

  • @mrrufino1: Actually she is nearly 21 years old and sings in a covers band that I play in, as well as amateur dramatic productions :)

  • Still cool, it's always good to hear someone who can actually sing (who calls themself a singer)

  • My children loved this, put it on as they were getting ready for school. They sang along aloud. Good job.

  • Thanks! Always good to get kids (or adults for that matter) singing. Singing is good for the soul! :)

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