Audiobus: Use your music apps together.

What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Audiobus is the app that makes the rest of your setup better.

Recommended devices to use with Audiobus

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Devices that we recommend running Audiobus on:

  • iPad 2
  • iPod 5th gen
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPad mini
  • iPad 3 ("The new iPad")
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 4 ("The new new iPad with A6 processor")


  • Here is a performance chart for iOS devices. Should visually confirm just how much more power the dual-core chips have.

  • Wow. What a leap between iPad 2/3 and the 4th gen. What I like here is that, since I have an iPhone 5, I'll get a clearer picture (as more apps become ABus-compatible, like Sunrizer XS), of what I may expect from an iPad 4, in terms of popping, etc.

    In other words, if iPhone 5 can run AB w/ Sunrizer XS + MultiDAW without any hiccups, then I feel more assured about the iPad 4 upgrade delivering smooth sound.

    As it stands, my iPad 2 is a'strugglin' w Sunrizer into MultiDAW.

  • Yeah, the jump in performance with the most recent HW ( IP5 and 4th gen Pad ) is pretty big. I think I'm going to be saving my pennies and upgrading my IP4 to IP5, unlocked. The iPad is a better form factor for the music apps but I can only afford one new iOS device and the IP5 can go with me anywhere and I count on always having an iOS device with me for work/fun.

  • My iPad 3 is handling audiobus with no problems. I'll probably upgrade to an iPad 5 when it is released though, because I can always use more power.

  • I want an iPad 6!

  • I'll wait for the Mini's to get the A6X then I'll upgrade my 16 Gig iPad3 to a 32 or 64 Gig Mini.

  • Yeah, iPad3 works quite well, but I'm almost out of space!!! (16G)

  • Will we ever be able to pool the power of our devices? I'd love to combine my iPad 3 and iPhone 5 together to form Devastator!

  • Funny, I was about to post about how I would hot-glue two ipad 5s together and attach them to a spit (like for pig roasts) so I could spin them around in landscape view.

  • I have an iPad 2 and like to upgrade to a Mini with A6X processor when they will get....because it's more portable

  • @Uglykidmoe That's hilarious! You could just put them side by side but instead you'd glue them to a stick?? HAHAHA LMFAO!

  • Dont live in the future, remember what we had two years ago and you will be very happy with what we have today....

  • Wettiphenax,

    Yes, it does work on my iPod Touch 4G. However, it doesn't take much to bog it down. Some input synths are more CPU demanding than others (as well as some patches of some synths) and results in stuttering, skipping notes, distortion, etc. Add a fx insert and the iPod just hangs up most of the time which requires a reboot.

    My iPad 3G behaves much better as expected. It is still possible to overload it as well but it takes a bit more to do so.

    That said, it is still quite possible to create projects with the iPod. You just have to do in in smaller increments.

    Good luck with your choice.

  • @Ryan it's all about new, innovative workflows ;-)

  • I've got an iPad 3, and it works pretty well. However I'll be upgrading to a 64GB iPad Mini when it gets the retina display and A6X (which will eventually happen).

  • Has anyone gave it a try on IP4??? Slowing down is the only problem?

  • any noticable difference between ipad2 and ipad4 while rocking with audiobus?

  • i just know that ipad 2 rocks hard

  • ipad 3 32 gig sounds real good

  • My iPad 4th gen. (64gb) is super fast. Seems to equal my new MacBook Pro 15" in about every aspect.

  • wow thats awsome...i need to get one

  • Uhhh I have an iPad mini and audiobus is straight garbage on it.. Audio breaks up, app crashes, it's f ing useless.. And yes I close all other applications, reboot my device, change settings, and nothing works... If I have more than two apps running on it it really becomes impossible to use which makes all midi controlled apps rendered useless.. If I try to use soundprism and nlog it sounds like my iPad is having a seizure

  • There are other iPad Mini users here. See if they can help you. Start a new thread asking for their help.

  • @Luciano1084 How many gigs do you have on your iPad Mini? I'm asking because I'm planning to get either a 5th gen iPod Touch or an iPad Mini, and I'm wondering how much storage space I should get since I plan to use Audiobus with GarageBand and ThumbJam?

  • I'm guessing 16 gb or higher?

  • @sienaT. Currently the ipad mini is the same as getting the ipad 2! (except for the camera and video upgrades). Rumor has it that a new ipad mini will be here in October ( or maybe a little after the new ipad). I wanted to get my mother-in-law a mini but will not do it because i think the current one will become obsolete very, very quickly. For a few dollars more you can get ipad2 and have the extra real estate- unless your primary focus is the camera and videocam, then the mini cameras beat the ipad2 cams. However, i have the ipad2 and though it is getting by well enough today, i expect it to feel its obsolescence banging down my door rather soon with all these new musical multi-app workflows. If music is what you want to do you might want to hold out for ipad mini2 (or not- if you need to work right now) to be happy in the long run.
    If you ask me ipodt5 vs ipad mini? I would say the ipod has a lot of perks and would win, but if you want access to ipad apps you have to go mini.
    As far as storage, i wouldnt waste too much money on upgrades if you have a computer to offload your finished works and files onto, but if you will be "ios only" without a computer backup, i would say 32g is a minimum... And this advice is not taking into account using the ipod/pad as a mp3 player if you have a huge music collection ( though the cloud helps), or if you shoot a lot of video, etc. Just remember that you are buying something that won't last through more than a few years (sometimes one or two) of updates and you dont want to blow a lot on memory for a tablet that goes obsolete so fast. Good luck!

    Heres the side by side ipads vs ipad mini specs:

    Here is a GREAT article on ipad mini VS ipodt5 :

    Heres the site you can watch for more apple rumors:

  • @ Luciano1084
    Are you in Airplane mode? That helps a little.
    I haven't used Nlog or SoundPrism, but I have used Sunrizr, BS-16i, SampleTank, iGrand, BeBot, GarageBand, Lauchkey and Figure. I've used them through AudioBus and as standalone apps, and only one of those apps gets glitchy on me like you are describing, and that is iGrand.

    I am using the iPad Mini as well.

    Try airplane mode, and then try each of those apps standalone, and then if the problem goes away, then try adding them together in AudioBus.

    I think the Ipad Mini (or Ipad2 for that matter since it's the same) are adequate for most of these music apps, but they are barely adequate. And some of these apps which require more processing power, or possibly use more ram, are just too much.

  • I am using iPad2, so far I have no problem using Audiobus with it. Just make sure that you close another background app to make extra memory available.

    I have tried some of this app to do home recording (not live! never tried live) :
    IK Multimedia iGrand
    IK Multimedia SampleTank
    Neo Keys
    Session Band (Piano + Jazz, I can't record individual tracks on Jazz edition, whenever I modify tracks volume on Jazz edition, Audiobus won't route the sound to Garageband and I have to restart it sigh)

    Waiting for some available budget spare to try Steinberg Cubasis for GB upgrade :)

    Would nice to see WI Orchestra supporting Audiobus :D

    Added note :
    Please avoid using Jailbroken iPad or older firmware. On my friend's iPad (JB v5), none of this musical app works well! Often crashes and signal reception is pretty poor

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