iPad Screen Recording

Any tips on the best way to do this? If I ever decided to do a walkthru vid or something would be cool to do something nicer than a handycam over my shoulder. I really like how Nekkron 99 does his videos (screen cap from iPad with a picture-in-picture inset from a camcorder):


  • I've used Reflector to record my ipad screen and audio to my PC.

    Install the program on your PC or Mac select mirroring on the iPad select record on the desk top.
    Only shows what the screen shows so if there is no visual clue, buttons light up or hey bored depressed, you can't see it in the video.

  • He used a video editor to to do the PIP I believe. Maybe Adobe Premier Lite? don't know don't use it. I do tricks like that with The Gimp and GAP - free but an intense learning curve

  • Yeah, the PIP thing would definitely be an extra step, but his actual screen cap is nice because it has the input cues as well. Thanks for the tip on Reflector.

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    I use Display Rec. Does screen capture and audio. No learning curve.

  • Sweet. Is Jailbreak required for any of these?

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    Be forewarned: I have Display Rec. There is a Display Rec Hd that got bad reviews. No jailbreak needed.
    Update: Display Rec is no longer available. Here's why.

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    Reflector for the PC is 12.99 and dead simple to use

  • Tim Webb of Discchord said he used the same system as himself, which I'm sure needs jaibreaking. Can't remember the app but it's probably on his site somewhere

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