Running out of Dropbox space? use AudioShare and Sky Drive

Just in case you're running out of Dropbox space, download the free 'Sky Drive' app, create an account and get 7gb of free space that integrates with the wonderful AudioShare app. Once Sky Drive is installed you can copy audio from Audioshare using the 'open in other apps' button within the main AudioShare window.


  • Nice tip. Too lazy to check, does AudioShare support Box as well? I've got 50GB in my Box account (25GB in SkyDrive and 20GB in Dropbox and some unknown quantity in Google Drive, ha)

  • Hey Jesse, yes, Works with Box too!

  • But is from Microsoft :-(
    I don't install nothing from microsoft on my devices...

  • Thanks for the tip!

  • edited April 2013

    7 Gigs FREE... works flawlessly... but one still refuses to "install nothing from Microsoft" I'm soooo impressed with one's purity. I'm using the 7 Gigs for $0, myself. Since it works without errors, I don't really care who is providing it, but then I'm just not so pure, high, or mighty. ;)

  • ZenLizard isn't pure? Well I'll be...

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