Turnado on the Bus...I'm not happy GRRRRRRRRAAAAHHHHH

The brilliant and truly awesome Sugar Bytes Turnado is on the Bus...but not in the UK..this is so disappointing..does anyone know if we in the UK are going to get it...I want it and I want it now...


  • @thesoundtestroom. It's also not available in U.S. maybe some kinda glitch.

  • Haha..I saw your post and I thought you were just just gonna tell how great it was...lol..seriously it is excellent on the mac...it must be new..

  • It might be a bit immature. Maybe the developer did put it live before it actually was set live on the app store.

  • @Sebastian - I suspect you meant premature and haven't resorted to calling devs immature ;-)

  • I'm very sorry, of course I meant premature.

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    Update: I've manually unlisted it for now since we're getting more requests from users about it. I think going live with it in our app listing might have been a misclick by the developer.

  • @Sebastian - I couldn't resist giving you a hard time there. I've done pretty much the same, like everyone else, so don't beat yourself up too bad.

    It looks like an interesting app. On their web site, I couldn't find any indication that they even have an ios version.

  • Hah, thanks. :)

  • @funjunkie27 it's an amazing vst so I hope it comes back, I also could not find any reference to any Sugar Byte ios apps anywhere, I do hope this was not some sort of belated April Fools joke..now that would be immature....

  • Mind you, an immature ejaculation tends to be less embarassing...

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  • I really like Sugar Bytes....Anyone know if they make Effectrix?
    is my favorite....

  • The PC/Mac version looks really cool, I can't wait for this to hit!

  • Sugar Bytes are a multi-effects app powerhouse company. Effectrix, Turnado, Artillery, WoW, and Vogue are all amazing apps. I'm sure the rest are too, just haven't tried them.

    Can't wait for iOS version

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    Needs manually un-unlisting now I think ?

  • That's wierd I just posted an update and it says I posted it April 3rd ?

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