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djay for iPhone is on the bus!

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  • Good times, I've been waiting for this to get on the bus. Its been on sale for a few weeks now. I already had the iPhone version but picked up the iPad version for £2.99 about 2 weeks ago. I think it's normally £13.99

  • Hallelujah !!!

  • Anybody knows how djay compares to traktor?

  • iPad version is also on the bus! :)

  • Yep, the whole family of djays :)

  • Such a great tool. Just saw the update...

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    This is BIG NEWS! My workflow efficiency just improved 1000% with the addition of djay for the ipad to the Audiobus family!

    Thank you

  • @PTFI: Awesome! Can you describe how? We're always interested in finding out how people use Audiobus and compatible apps.

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    As your interested in how we're using the apps I intend on using Djay to record music into MTDAW to pre-record radioshows. I'll also use a track in MTDAW for the voiceover between tracks and I will probably set up DM1 pad with short jingles on a 3rd track

  • That's brilliant. And I guess you're doing this all on an iPad with no additional hardware?

  • Just downloaded this and it seems great so far but does anybody here know how it beatmatches or if theres a way to get it to loop accurately on the downbeat? Id love to use this for recording loops into Loopy

  • Pretty much. I will use a mic instead of the built in mic but thats all. Actually now that I think about it I will probaby use a usb interface for my mic as I can mute the vocieover easier than switching between apps for this. On that note would it be possible for dev's to add a mute buttons on the connection panel. For example MTDAW recording 3 inputs simultaneously 1 DJAY, 2 DM1 and 3 MIC. It would great if I could mute the mic only when not using it from the connection panel in DJAY

  • @gjcyrus you can indeed get very accurate loops in it. You can get it to loop 4, 8, 16 bars etc, its pretty easy to time the loop after a few goes at it. You can also manually choose the loop in and out points. I'm not sure if there is a way to get it to find the downbeat automatically but you can zoom in on the waveform to see it. You can sync the tempos of both tracks too for beatmatching. You will find the loop and sync features by hitting the symbol that looks like a small equalizer. You will also find eq and fx in that button

  • @noisyninja - thnx for the info! i noticed there is also a high precision analysis in the advanced settings but everytime i try to hit the loop button on the downbeat, theres like a one second pause and thats just enough to make it off but i'll try your advice on manually choosing the in and out points. i have to just figure out how to do that first.

    if i can do this, this might be my new fave app since ive been loving traktor but aside from not having audiobus, you also cant edit the length of the loop whereas with djay you can. when i found that out, i fell in love

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    If you hit the loop and mistime it slightly you can then touch and drag on the waveform of your mistimed loop, the waveform will zoom in and you then drag it to the downbeat or place of choice and hit loop again. That should get you a perfect loop. Once you get the loop going you can use the arrows to make it 4, 8 bars etc from the same start point

  • Both djay apps recording into Auria.....4 decks mixing chaos...very interesting....great for this has got Audiobus....scratching's all good...

  • @davemagoo - I'm trying to do something similar. Once i get some loops going, I'd like to use DrumAGog to blend some fat kick samples using the timing of the drum loop I use from djay but still figuring out how to filter only the dominant kick frequency to trigger drumagog kick.

    @noisyninja - many thanks for explaining this!

  • @Sebastian, With AB I can now use dJay in the input slot and stream to a dedicated track in Cubasis in the output slot.
    Using djay was always an "after-thought". Now it is all in "Realtme"
    I can transform a beat and/or sync another song without having to send it to my DAW.
    (Plus using cubase as my DAW helps. They have a import from cubasis option that rocks!)

    Any chance of making dJay work in the effects slot too?

  • @gjcyrus not sure what you mean....I read this....

    It seems to answer your question ?

  • @PTFI , @Sebastian doesn't have control over that. If you want it in the effects slot you'll have to ask the dJay Developers, it's their decision. :-)

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    @Dave - Wasn't asking a question this time. Just commenting that I was also using Djay with Auria. I'm also more accustomed to working with parametric EQ so in that older post, I only had access to the stock Auria EQ and was having difficulty pinpointing the exact frequencies to trigger the kick samples in Drumagog.

    I'm now using Remaster parametric EQ in effects slot to pinpoint the frequencies I want

  • This is nearly better than sex.
    I think I may explode soon.

    Thank you AB

  • @Gjcyrus Ah ok apologies just reread and dont know why i thought it was a question reading it back.

    Thats a really interesting technique i will try it never thought of using Remaster....

    I too am loving using it especially with Accapellas, great options for remixing too with the pitch lock holding its own.

    Works great alongside Glitchbreaks too.....

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    Thanks for the tip noisyninja.
    Being able to fine tune loop point makes this a very handy tool.
    Can now loop straight into audioshare instead of importing a whole track into bm2.
    Will still chop in bm2 but having virtual decks makes for more creativity.

    Anyone know if we can import from audioshare?
    If the djay devs are looking at this forum...


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    @dave - thnx for the glitchbreaks idea. im not gonna get any work done tonight

    you know what i really like about glitchbreaks? taking a super fast beat and slowing it down only to hear a completely diff groove and feel. im really appreciating it to beatmatch loops in djay

  • Can any of you guys make a video of how you're using this with Audioshare, Cubasis, Remaster, etc.? If it's nice I'm definitely going to share it with all of our social media accounts etc so you'll get instant fame. That's right, real virtual, digital FAME!

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    It's 3 in the morning now and my gf is sleeping in the next room so I don't think I could make a proper one. if I get some time (during daytime) , I'll try.

    Also, long distant future feature request. Adding another one or two inputs. I've got a groove down with djay and glitchbreaks and am also playing funkbox in background and will see if my iphone can handle drum jam as well. It's like an electronic drum circle in my headphones right now

  • I'll also give it a go over the next day or two.want to try djay into audioshare with djay loop points.if its not accurate enough then I'll try with bm2 in the output and fine tune the loop in chop lab.
    But ideally straight into audioshare would be nice.

  • Yea I'd love to see it too, sounds like some pretty cool stuff you all are doing

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