Video Tutorial, Using the Behringer UCA222 as audio interface with Cubasis

This video is a little long but it shows how to get full stereo audio with great quality into AB and Cubasis. It includes all my errors and mistakes. I use the Behringer UCA222 which cost less than see me record VST's from my old laptop, guitar, bass guitar and my little Akai Miniak synth. I try to go into as much detail as possible. This also shows you how stable Cubasis is..the little thing at the end were I turn it of was my error..I do put Cubasis through it's pacers with its all a little manic but I hope it will be of some help.



  • It's good to see others get their hands dirty with the reality of making it all work together. Great video!

  • Thanks..did you see the complete botch I make of trying to get the bass through..thats what happens when you dont plan ahead..However at least it has a sense of

  • Thanks for that! It was well worth the effort (and the stress) you put into it. A great way to get VSTi's (and other audio stuff) into iPad and a great tip about the Behringer UCA222 interface, which I think I will have to get now! :)

  • ...or I would get one if they (Amazon or had any in stock! :(

  • @thesoundtestroom: Great stuff. At 20 minutes or so you're shutting down Audiobus completely. Please be advised that you're giving up control over hardware buffer size to any recording app that's still running then (in your case Cubasis). If you want to make sure Audiobus is doing it's magig, you'll have to shut down Cubasis again, start Audiobus again and then launch Cubasis again (even if you don't connect it to Audiobus).

  • @Sebastian I was a touch confused making it and I did have a problem with the Bass, I am going to do some more tests, this time keeping Audiobus open all the time. One fun thing I did do was with a little Kaossilator 2, I ran that into Jamup, with Jamup as the input, had Echopad in the effect slot and Cubasis as the output..Cubasis automatically set up two channels one for Jamup and one for when I recorded I had total level and effect control over both sounded very very cool..

    @AlterEgo_UK I got mine from Amazon a few days ago, there were a couple of suppliers..also try £23 its a bargain..

  • @thesoundtestroom Cheers for that - should be here on Friday! :)

  • Excellent...keep me informed, it will interesting to see what you think..dont forget you will need Phono adapters fot anything your plugging in...oh and one more point for this little piece of kit is fantastic for anyone who has an iPhone or iPod or even two iPad' means you can get all those synths that are not yet on the bus or may never be on..recorded into Audiobus and your favorite DAW...

  • Does anybody know the difference between the UCA 222 & the UCA 202? I purchased the 202 so I could record iMini from my IPad mini into my IPad 3 but I can't get it to work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Hi...I've had a good look round now and as far as I and many others can tell the only difference is the can you tell me exactly how you are setting it up and maybe I can help..

  • Nice work. I ignored the UCA when I saw it because of the RCA inputs instead of typical TRS connectors...thought it would be a hassle. But it looks like great bang for the buck. No monitor level controls on the UCA right?

    You did great, nice seeing the whole thing in one take, makes me feel like less of a dolt making these same mistakes :)

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    "For the price of an iRig, man!" I love it! Thanks for sharing this, warts and all!

  • I dont normally work at that rate...but strangely enough I still make mistakes ha..thank goodness for Multitracking..someone said to me once that the man who never made a mistake never made anything..wise words..someone else once can know everything possible abour recording sound, you can learn compression, limiting, EQ, all the FX, EVERYTHING. But at the end of the day the most important piece of information I can ever give you can be summed up in just one word....Listen...

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    @thesoundtestroom,I finally realized that the CCK cuts off the IPad speaker so it only works if I plug in headphones or plug the IPad into an external amp. So now I'm happily recording iMini into Beatmaker and Cubasis through Audiobus.......Awesome!

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  • When I plan these videos..well plan may be over stretching a little...they go really smooth in my head..but I like the I rarely do more than one take..unless I start swearing, I think it's good to see that we all encounter problems with recording stuff..and sometimes I think oh I'll do one on this or that and then think no that will bore people..but they turn out to be the popular ones..I did one ages ago on the little Tascam DP008 about recording synths..that was long too, when I watched it back I thought it was dull and slow..that videos now has nearly 30,000 views..I dont mind taking suggestions for if you have one I would be happy to make it..when you say mixing do you mean me mixing a finished track before its mastered..

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  • I do the same thing.. I like leaving mistakes.. It's real. :-)

  • @thesoundtestroom "Excellent...keep me informed, it will interesting to see what you think.."
    Well I got the Behringer UCA222 but it came without any software bundle CD (which was advertised as being "huge"!) Does it have anything useful on it?
    I tried it out with my guitar to see if I could improve the guitar on my latest SC upload (For You) but unfortunately, it seems my iPad 2 couldn't handle the new tracks (even after I deleted the old guitar audio tracks :( )
    Will try it on a new song from scratch when I get the chance though as the guitar did sound better than the iRig when monitoring through my head phones!

  • You get the software from the Behringer website, its a stack of VST stuff, instruments and FX. I dont very often use the PC now..but check the Behringer site to see what you get..

  • And so far have not had any probs with the iPad is also a 2 with 16 gig..

  • @thesoundtestroom Cheers, Doug, I got a reply from Gear4U saying the same thing this morning so downloaded it - loads of stuff!
    Just need time to see what may be useful and also to try out the interface on a new project! :)

  • @thesoundtestroom thanks for this awesome video! So I should be able to do the same thing with my ipad interface? It's a presonus 44vsl. USB into the cck.
    Thanks again.

  • Well I tried it out last night and all is good. I can now put ez drummer right into my ipad and all other vst's! Awesome! Thanks again @thesoundtestroom!

  • @Bootsy thanks for the comments and it's so cool when you can get vst's in.

  • Yes it is @thesoundtestroom. I had pretty much abandoned my pc for the ipad, but I have a lot of vst's and plugins so this is an awesome collaboration of the two. The only problem I ran into was some gain issues, I had to turn the pre's on my interface way down to get rid of some hisss.

  • Hello, is it possible to connect UCA 222 to another audio interface into pc? (I have zoom r24)

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    That video just made me wish there already was the Korg M1 (and Wavestation) for the iPad.

    Maybe Korg will release a 'Legacy Module' for the iPad if we all ask them nicely :D

    As for the UCA-222 vs UCA-202, the only difference appears to be the red color and more bundled software? That's all i could find on the Behringer web-page.

    I'm happy with my UCA-202, it draws very little power so I'm thinking of getting a simple unpowered 'USB-Splitter' so i can connect both UCA-202 & CME X-Key at the same time...

  • @Samu said:

    I'm happy with my UCA-202, it draws very little power so I'm thinking of getting a simple unpowered 'USB-Splitter' so i can connect both UCA-202 & CME X-Key at the same time...

    All you need is a simple, unpowered USB hub. I use a small 4-port hub with the UCA-222, Quneo and Qunexus plugged in at the same time. Works great

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