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Frequency Monster for FM4 100 sounds $1

edited December 2014 in Market Place

100 sounds package 'Frequency Monster' for FM4 is out at


  • edited December 2014

    Here's a preview of the sounds

  • Thanks. Total instabuy.


    Will have to try out later.

    I love this synth so much.

  • @Matt_Fletcher_2000 said:

    Thanks. Total instabuy.


    Will have to try out later.

    I love this synth so much.

    For someone who suspects that they're patch development skills are in keeping with their grasp of synthesis etc (that would me then) I love the idea of being able to make a small investment in sound packs. If they're good. I know, highly subjective. Would love your feel/feedback on general quality here when you've had a chance to noodle etc.

  • Oh cool, if we're going to see preset bundles made available for FM4 that'lol make me like that app even better.

  • Finally had time to go through them.

    They are pretty good. Quite a few seem to be quite clean, simple tones, but there are a few more complex ones.

    The best patches for me personally are about 3 or 4 really rasping, rough bass sounds where the filter (or something) opens up slowly. Great for drum and bass type stuff.

    For 69p they are good.

    Personally I'm more likely to use them as a starting point and then try to shape them into something more interesting and unique. This synth is, IMO, amazingly easy to get the hang of designing patches with.

  • Thank you for your comments on my preset pack. You are exactly right about using them as a starting point. I hope they give people some good ideas and get you a good head start to save some time in designing the sounds you are looking for.

    And yes, FM4 is fantastic for drum and bass sounds. I've uploaded 3 more examples of sounds from the package where every sound is from the presets. FM synthesis makes great drum samples! With only 4 drum presets sampled on a few different keys you can have a nice kit.

  • No worries. I presume you have stumped up the $2 for synth and 100 extra sounds?

    Best $2 you'll spend this week :)

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