PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

TheSoundTestRoom Radio iOS Musician Music Video Visual Adventure

edited December 2014 in Creations

TheSoundTestRoom Radio iOS Musician Music Video Visual Adventure is the third installment in our YouTube “radio” show. In celebration of it's release and with the help of @SpookyZoo, we have a contest today today for two codes of the new SoundPrism Electro. Please see for more on that.

Bringing together a variety of videos from the world of iOS focused music, we’re pleased to bring you the following clips.

Spooky Zoo – “Twisted Chains”

Frozen Lonesome – “Blow My Blocks Off”

Wojtek Domagalski – “Sing Away Your Tears”

Nathan Jon Tillett – “Change Something”

Jakob Haq – “Amida”

Red Sky Lullaby – “Fractillion”

Colin Swinney – “Ra”

Doug Woods – “Waiting Rooms”

Nighttime Schoolbus – “Swimming With You”


  • Thanks to everyone for supporting us, Colin has done a brilliant job with this

  • My favorite so far. Great job to all involved!

  • Incredible job. Well done Colin, and all those who submitted videos!

  • Wow that was the best Video I've seen in a long time. Every act was top notch. I will never look at Doug's SoundTestRoom symbol the same way again. The special guest cameo was unexpected and hilarious. I'm very impressed and entertained with what IOS music has become. Colin & Doug pat yourselves on the back, that was awesome.

  • Really enjoyed it, some great videos and loved the animated presentation style.
    Thanks so much for this, thrilled to be included among so many talented musos.
    Doug, lay off those scented candles mate...too many will drive you mad !! lol

  • Excellent stuff! I also really enjoyed that - the animation and videos make a huge difference. Wouldn't know where to start making an interesting video for my music though!

  • top animation as well. At first i thought " wow, Doug and Colin actually got together for a video shoot" Then I realized it was animated.

  • Maybe someday we will @Htmx, til now this will have to. ;)

    Thanks for watching, this was really fun and I'd love to do it again. If you have videos, send 'em our way!

  • The giveaway just ended as well, fyi.

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