PSA: Don't update to iOS 12.4 if you use apps in AB output slot or IAA apps that use the mic.

iFret and the fog (nano, cubasis track/ video)

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Hi guys, i hope some of you like this. The bass, delay guitars and chords are all from iFretless Bass. With the bass and chords copy/pasted into NanoStudio along with some sndfx from Nave and Z3ta. The drums are from NanoStudio (hence no velocity). All the nano tracks then bounced into cubasis and mixed.. And mastered in Audio Mastering.


  • Nice track, i like the ambiance, both sparse and dense. Ifretlss bass is a legendary app, very good use of it. The video was unique, ive never seen two programs overlayed like that.

    NanoStudio 2....someday?

  • Thanks WMWM :) I'm still quite new to video ( only made a few), i just use the opacity to fade between nano and cubasis videos. Simple and effective enough for me.

    I love iFretless bass and have re-discovered a great use of nano, by having 4 or 5 TRG16's fully loaded up with my own samples.. NanoStudio 2 is now on my wish list.

  • Let me say that sounded both beautiful and amazing at the same time. I could also see a hell of a lot of work looked like it was done and done very well! Thanks for sharing that with us.

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    Nice work. And fun to see the video mix of the apps timed out in sync.

    You can record velocity on the TRG if you're careful (and basically go one drum at a time) by sliding the velocity knob in real time.

  • Thankyou Tritonman2, much appreciated :) It did involve a lot of bouncing sounds around, but i enjoy.. and glad you did too.

    And thankyou Syrupcore, again much appreciated. Thanks for tip, will try that out. cheers :)>

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