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korg gadget - ja genau

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  • Nice industrial track. :-) What gadgets did you use to create it? I would guess you used some Phoniex and Bilabo.

  • hey, thx :)

    no phoenix...bilbao of course for my voice :)
    but there are some of the new module gadgets...Salzburg (piano) and montreal (bass line) very nice.
    the track was made in one night, it is not mixed very well.

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    @aggrobube A young Sly 'n' Robbie in a short spy movie. Like the Salzburg (which I've found to be a huge addition to Gadget....).

  • I'm a sucker for synth pop. Nice work.

  • Nice track.. cool bleepy sound :)

  • @aggrobube - mixed well enough to my ears! Very nicely done. I heard shades of Giorgio Moroder's "Midnight Run." Great use of the air between the tracks to create a sense of space :)

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