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SEQ::A new midi sequencer and effect processor

edited December 2014 in Creations

Hey guys, wanted to share my new MobMuPlat patch. It's a midi sequencer/effect processor inspired by egoist/effectrix. It was basically just something I wanted and had a lot of fun building. Anywho, it's free of course and you can download it right here.




  • Very nice! Thank you otem_rellik :)

  • Thanks otem. I cant get sound from Module with MobMuPlat in the effects slot. is there a workaround?

  • I ran into that a bit. Sometimes module wouldn't respond until I went to the module screen and then back to mobmuplat. Also make sure the monitor is on in the patch (if you are using this patch).

  • The man! Thanks

  • Thanks for the SEQ map patch

  • This is fascinating, thanks.

  • Definitely guys, I hope you get some use out of it! I just found a couple bugs last night (velocity and release time of the second sequence was controlling the first). Now the octave sliders are independent for each sequence as well. The link has been updated. Here it is again::
    Download Here

  • Man, I'm so glad there is someone out there who has the time to do all this fun programming. I remember when mobmuplat came out and I thought wow! ...And there's no way I'll be able to learn this!

    These patches are brilliant. And just the kind of stuff I would have tried to create, so thanks tons for sharing with the community.

  • @Hmtx, Thank you and you're welcome! I was mega intimated by mobmuplat when I first started. I had never worked in pure data and had no idea what was going on. I actually gave up on my first couple attempts and thought I'd never build anything with it....then a couple weeks later I dove back in. Once you start understanding things, stuff starts clicking and you realize the massive potential pure data has. Anywho, I'm happy to share and stoked folks are into my patches!

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