Is it possible to have two separate mic signals at once?

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My goal is to record a live kick + snare groove into Loopy HD, with one voice being dry and the other running through a delay in jamup. I'm using an Alesis IO Dock and also can include a small mixer if I need to do some whacky back door routing. Is there a method through either software or routing through a mixer that I can achieve this?


  • Not yet. But we want that feature for ourselves.

  • So there is no way to have stereo input on io dock into loopy hd with audiobus running, have been trying with jamup etc. thought maybe i was missing something or maybe a different app will introduce this functionality eg audulus. When i try to access the input select section which is normally in the sidebar it just crashes loopy every time. Enjoying audiobus functionality in general though just couldn't rely on it in a live situation as I do with Loopy on its own. I know how hard you guys work, so I dare say its not too far away.

  • I'll tell Michael about this. Seems like a bug-ish thing. Which is a nicer way of saying it's a bug. Sorry!

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