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Automatically Launch Apps?

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I assume there is an OS restriction or something that prohibits this.... but would it be possible to have the option of Audiobus fully launching the Apps from the list when you choose them ?
This could apply to blank templates and would also happen on preset changes ideally.

My secondary suggestion if that wasn't possible would be a button on the UI that sequentially loads the entire chain before returning to Audobus. This would be a improvement in usability compared to having to click to launch each app separately IMO.


sorry if this has been covered already


  • I don't believe this is possible at the moment, not without jailbreaking anyway. I'm not sure what the forum's rules are in regards to that but if you want further info feel free to PM me.

  • @thatsRayor How would accomplish it with the jailbreak?

    @bonso it's been requested/discussed before but nothing has ever materialized. Think the problem was that all AB app developers would have to implement some extra thing in the SDK in order for it to work and there was some question as to whether or not Apple would even allow it. But I could be totally making/mashing that up at this point.

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    I agree this would be extremely useful functionality. It would be a major reason for me to jailbreak if it enables that. Also it would be very helpful if one could close apps completely from within AB.

  • Closing was a part of the discussion as well. Pretty sure that's not ok with Apple but someone suggested (sonosaurus?) that AB could simply make the request to an app to shut itself down and the app could choose to respect it or not.

  • @syrupcore There is a tweak called Activate Command which lets you create a sequence of commands to send to apps, eg launch app 1, wait for it to open, then launch app 2 etc. You can then assign the sequence to a variety of actions using Activator.

  • That's interesting. So you'd make an AB preset and then make an Activate Command for each app in the preset. I'm not sure I'm that committed. :)

  • Ha fair enough. Once it's setup it's no effort at all. Without Audiobus it can do weird things to the buffer settings in different apps, so I tend to just open apps one at a time anyway. :)

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    Thanks for the info, I thought that if it was simple to implement it might already be possible so that kinda confirms it . unless someone from Audiobus can find a way. :)

    A button that launched all apps in a chain/preset might be more feasible as a feature request?
    I'd even be prepared to double tap it !

    Automatic closing of apps is less useful to me personally but I would still welcome it, however I imagine there's similar restrictions on both (?) based on Siri etc..

    Maybe we could see a Voice navigation IAP ?? "Navigate to audiobus" lol.

    Cheers for the tweak suggestion, but I'm not interested in a jailbroken solution.

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