What is your opinion about Studio.HD?

There is a lot of talk about mobile DAWs on this forum. One app that has not been mentioned yet (as far as I can tell) is Studio.HD by soundtrends. It offers a very clean UI with great touch features, multiple effects and 24 audiotracks. The last update dates from a while back, but I contacted the devs and they told me they are "going to reach out to their customers soon". I just wanted to give Studio HD some attention, since I think It's a great little app.Just my 2 cents. Here's the link to the app page:



  • I've always thought it was a promising app, and own studio.m. Wonderful, thoughtful UI. Loops and time stretching are great.

    Think it has always lacked a way to copy audio out of it. I contacted the dev once to see if that was planned and he said, essentially, 'thanks for the feedback, we'll consider it'. :) Fair enough but I basically wanted it to buy it for its time stretching capabilities to move stretched loops into NanoStudio. I understand that's not the focus of a complete studio app like that.

    If it gets on the bus, I'll definitely be giving it another look.

  • I own this one as well. I got it a long time ago when I was trying to fill that DAW void before Auria came along. I think the app was pretty well done, but ultimately I moved on to others. The effects pads were pretty cool I seem to recall. Definitely would give it another go if it showed up on the bus.

  • I love soundtrend's apps! Studio and looptastic's time stretching/beat matching is great. If they were ab compatible, I'd probably be using it on a daily basis. The billy Martin loops are my favorite. It sucks that you can't copy audio out of it but you can export.

  • I like the whole Sound Trends line! I hope they don't abandon them. Oh yeah and give us audiobus!

  • I haven't used Studio HD for ages but if I remember correctly you can use both audio copy and audio paste. The limitation however is that I don't think you can copy their factory content to paste elsewhere. Can't remember what the resampling options are?

    I always thought it had great potential. I just never used it enough to get comfortable with the workflow.

  • you can paste INTO it but cant copy OUT of it. you can do itunes sharing but ive never done that for anything. studio, you can export out of. do they have a forum? maybe we can all go there and ask for audiobus

  • Sounds good to me. I don't think they have a forum, but they do have a Facebook, we can meet up there!

  • Im there!

  • You definitely can copy out of it. I just tested to make sure.

    From Soundtrends website

    Copy audio from an app that supports Sonoma Audio Copy/Paste and paste it into a track or use a studio.HD track's audio in another app."

    There's an icon on the bottom right that only appears when you select a phrase that is not factory content. This allows you to copy to clipboard and then paste into other Apps.

  • Ah, that's good news @skipp, thank you. I was mistakenly talking about studio.M.

  • @skipp - my apologies as well. i also was talking about studio m, not hd version. I might have to buy hd version now if that feature is available.

    oh wait, just re-read your post. so you can copy everything EXCEPT for factory content? so their drum loops are off limits?

  • To sort this out in my own head I had to go back and read a thread I started in the Soundtrends Forum a year ago....which reminded me just how confused I was by their implimentation of ACP at the time!

    If you mix down your project in StudioHD from the project screen you get options for what to do with the mix (open in). I choose to open my test mix in Audioshare and from there I can use Audiobus into whatever I want. (I'm begining to think I need to start using this App again!) As part of the export proceedure the mix is also saved as an audio clip in your project from where you can use ACP to export as desired.

    So the upshot is actually better then I stated. You have full access to "all" loops factory, your own, effected, and chopped up etc. from the mix down function on the project screen. I also noticed that they have confirmed that users have the rights to the material......now that's actually looking like quite a tasty App :)

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