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Another NanoStudio Tune

edited December 2014 in Creations

I started this tune for an old Space Folk Wall of Sound contest on the NS forum but never finished it. Stumbled across it last night and decided to wrap it up and let it go. 100% NS, natch.

I recorded some single strum acoustic guitar chords with a metronome and used the Eden slicer to trigger different sections. My timing isn't amazing so you can hear Eden glitching it. Initially, I planned to rerecord them but decided a) I'll never actually do that and b) I sorta like them there glitches.


  • A) The spaceman should floating, very slowly, off and up into the blue. At least on this one.

    B) The tune reminds me of Arcade Fire in full flow, but with a few extra pieces of kitchen equipment (and -believe me- that's a very good thing).

    C) I want girl singers. Where are they?

  • Fantastic tune there.. Reminded me of flaming lips. Really dig that, 100%

  • Thanks, fellas. Noisy girl group on a drug cocktail is exactly what I was thinking.

  • Just the right overdrive/distortion (not sure if that's the right term) on everything. I like the melody line that comes in about 1:38, takes the tune to another level. Cool sounds.

  • Don't know about the girl group on a drug cocktail, but it's a sonic orgy, love it!

  • Big slamming drums, cool.. Wasn't sure at the start, but after 30/40 seconds i was hooked. Good work, keep m' coming :)>

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