WIST "Reflect" back to to other apps on the same device

Also - if there was some way to "reflect" the WIST sync back to apps on the same device ( instead of other devices ) that would be nice - a lot of apps support it already, and it seems to work very solidly.

Don't know if that's even possible to code with the current WIST spec, but it would be interesting.
( Perhaps that's one to post on the KORG forum? )

It would also allow apps that don't yet support Audiobus channeling to at least beat sync with it.


  • The version of WIST that supports this might not be the same version of WIST that so many apps have right now which would mean developers would have to update their apps again. While that is not out of the question the correct way to ask for that would be at the KORG website/support forum.

  • I will suggest it to them, it certainly would be useful!

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