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Rock tune using AB, MTDAW, Auria, ToneStack, Bias, DrumLoops HD, Final Touch

edited December 2014 in Creations

Just a pretty simple rock tune here. DrumLoops HD assembled in MTDAW, guitars (ToneStack)and bass (Bias) recorded via AudioBus into MTDAW. Vocals recorded and song mixed in Auria, then exported to AudioShare to Final Touch, and back to AudioShare, and exported to SoundCloud. Thanks for listening.


  • Sounds great! Coulda been listening to Georgia satellites, that is it reminded me of them.

  • @High5denied: thank you. I love the 3 chord rock-n-roll. Actually managed to sneak 4 into this one.

  • You've really got chops man! I also like the slap on the vocals. Very cool. Great production all over.

    Btw, have you heard these guys? Think you might like them. Swedish band of course...

  • Man, you got pipes!

  • Man I like this song!

  • @Carlsson - thanks so much. I haven't heard that band before, but they remind me a bit of Dave Edmunds, whom I really like. Wish I could find a piano player like they've got!
    @syrupcore - cool! Glad you think so. Thanks.
    @Vejichan - thank you very much for the compliment.
    Thanks for listening guys!

  • Wonderful! Terrific energy. Did you write it? Not so easy to write a simple rock tune. Very nice intro and guitar arrangement. Great hooks. Tasty use of drums and fills. Excellent vocals. And they all sit together in the mix really well - a live band playing together in the studio feel. You are an inspiration to me sir. Only one little niggle - I wanted more! The song is rolling so strong at the end, I was hoping for one more chorus.

    Great work. Please don't tell me you knocked it off in an evening!

  • Totally Dave Edmunds. And a high school gym. And a Caddy.

  • @donb720 - I wrote it over several days, maybe a week among work, wife, and kids. It was one of those songs that seemed to write itself. Thanks so much for the compliments. I wanted to write a song about an outlaw. My instinct was to add another chorus and possibly a key change thing at the end, but I was over the four minute mark and thought it would be too long. Thank you for listening and commenting.

  • Brilliant - love the mix.

    Quick noob question - what in the workflow makes it easier for you to start in Multitrack DAW and move in to Auria later? I'm just starting out so I find the workflows people arrive at interesting.

    Anyway, great performance and mix :-)

  • I'm curious about the workflow too, meaning, why'd you start in mts? Great sound and well produced. Well done.

  • edited December 2014

    @TimO and @boone51 - thanks for the kind words. MultiTrack DAW, you name the guitar app, and AudioBus are smooth as butter on my iPad 2 with iOS 7.1.2. Replacing MultiTrack DAW with Auria can be problematic/buggy, so that's why I use MTD; it works very well for me, and I even prefer editing drum loops in it. I asked the wife for an Air 2 for my 50th b-day, which is right around the corner. Seems to be some real music app issues with that machine, though. I was SO looking forward to upgrading. A little apprehensive now.

  • Ah ha, I see. I remember back when I had my 2 and had to do that. I have the Air since it's release last year, and I've happily forgotten about those days. I can't speak for the Air 2, but I can definitely say that the upgrade to the Air is mind blowingly satisfying. I record mainly directly into Auria these days, unless i'm just going for a sound of a particular app. Thanks again for sharing.

  • @boone51 - thanks again for listening.

  • edited December 2014

    Interesting, thanks @supanorton
    I have MTDaw and Cubasis - still getting to know them both.
    Thanks for answering - look forward to hearing more of your stuff

    edit - corrected name

  • edited December 2014

    I've got a bunch of stuff all recorded on iOS devices over the past 4 years or so here:
    I've thought about removing some of the stuff towards the bottom, but it's a cool look at how far my iOS recording has come in just a few years. The three or four "songs" at the bottom of the page were done on an iPod touch 3 with the original iRig and the Apple earbud mic.

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