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Interview with Jarek Jacek aka BeepStreet

Oh yeah! I managed to get an interview with Jaroslaw Jacek,
the creator of Sunrizer and Impaktor among other apps.

Know I know a lot of people have been waiting to hear something
new from this guy, so I'm not going to torture you with more of my
own slow-paced droolings. ;)

Here you go!


  • Thanks.

    Very interesting. Smart guy, Mr. Jacek.

  • Nice interview. Really liked your questions, well crafted.

  • Great interview, thank's! Sunrizer AU/VST... a dream will come true :)

  • Yeah! Def looking forward to a Sunrizer plug-in.

  • Sunrizer plugin == less time for iOS work and I'm selfish.

  • Great jakob, thanks for the interview. Beepstreet is one of my favorite ios devs. Very cool apps. Looking forward to some desktop apps also.

  • Wouldn't mind looking into the stereo piezo pick up if it speeds up the release of impaktor 2. In fact it would just be 2 mono pick ups going into 2 separate left and right inputs on something like uca222. I did some programming on the impaktor today and came up with some sweet sounding boomy rubber drum, yum yum through the sub.

  • I am hoping that iSequence HD will become AB and IAA compatible.

  • Ha , I thought there was something funny going on with the hard sync function!

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