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Auria MIDI sync Cubasis

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Is it possible to have Cubasis start and stop in sync with Auria? The idea is that Cubasis drives the synths and Auria gets in the end the Audio.


  • I dont think so. Auria does not have midi yet

  • In theroy this should work, i think. Auria does have midi...clock, havent used Cubasis.

  • I don't think you can. Although Auria can be set to slave it can only slave to MIDI Time Code, not MIDI clock. Cubasis won't slave to clock either and I don't think it sends MTC.

  • Oh, there was a topic regarding MTC on the Auria forum from 2013, but I was hoping it got fixed in the meantime. What can I use then to arrange the audio and MIDI before adding the fx in Auria? BM2 maybe?

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    Cubasis has no midi clock in, Auria only accepts MTC in (Cubasis provides Midi clock out)

    There are a number of ways but I think the easiest might be, bounce the auria audio and import into Cubasis to make midi :)

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    @skoptic - my plan is to get all the synths, drums, etc as midi in app X. Then turn all that into audio tracks in app X and finally add the effects, compression, etc in Auria. I suppose I could just use ACP if I want to make Cubasis my app X... my idea to use AB or IAA fails because of not being able to sync.

  • Yup - I do that. Tracks start in Cubasis as midi, bit of audio.They progress until arrangement is getting there - then get exported to Auria.

    But sometimes you need to adjust or add some new things and so I tend to bounce whatever is in Auria to a single mix track just so I can create some updates in Cubasis with midi alongside the 'current' track, bounce the new things out back into Auria and finalise, FX & Master there. :)

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    Here's a thread on syncing Auria to Genome.
    Dam paste won't work!

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