WEJAAM...on the bus..

Very happy and pleased to see this here, I felt this was the best of the ...Figure...Triq Traq..school of apps..great sound and very flexable and super stable..nice..


  • I'm not seeing it as an update on the app store or on the AB Apps page??? Would be a great add though!

  • Its on my apps page on AB

  • Great Scott...its gone..am I going mad..please tell me someone else saw this....

  • I can't wait for this one and just got really excited then let down lol

  • Sooooooooo glad you saw it too...I thought it was just wishful thinking..I'm sure it will be back on real soon

  • I didn't see it :( but I believe you and hope is back like tonight haha

  • Seems a bit chaotic. I tried to get this info directly from the developer, but he answered just saying nothing really: how does user get samples into it, will there be a desktop version to make them? How about the copyright when using the samples that come with the app?

  • I saw Vogel CMI Pro in my AB lists one month before the actual update, hehehe :)

  • I had Vio show up in Audiobus but doesn't work. I guess it will be soon!

  • Vio is still there!

  • edited March 2014


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