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Let's talk Vocal Effects. James Blake technique?

So I really like the sparse, minimalist, emotive sound of James Blake. He often employs vocal effects to filter, detune or modulate his [spectacular] voice. Example:

I'm a poor singer and I have never messed with vocal effects (other than typical stuff like reverb). Where should I start if I want to get a bit of that detuned sound that James Blake has going on? I know there are a vocal effects apps out there but I don't know how they compare or what they offer.




  • Hi Jesse forgive my ignorance , had never heard of James Blake until your post.. but I loved the song, Reminded me of Olafur Arnalds. There is a fairly new app called "Vio"
    I bought which does those vocal effects , no audiobus yet , but they seem fairly keen on supporting & upgrading it.
    Its a lot of fun anyway ! Well worth $2.99 !

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    It sounds like a vocoder. Random internet people seem to think that James Blake uses one made by

    Here's a great use of the effect:

    And a Microkorg in action:

  • @solador78 you nailed it! That Imogen Heap tune is exactly what I'm talking about. Sorry if this was painfully obvious to ya'll :)

    Now... app recommendations? iVoxel comes up when I google ipad vocoder, but I have no frame of reference as to what app(s) might best perform this effect.

  • Here, you can sound like Soundwave from the Transformers with this:

  • iVoxel is a great app and they're getting on the bus soon according to the dev. Voice Synth is also good, but I have no idea about their plans for Audiobus.

  • Improvox looks promising:

    Dev says Audiobus is in the works also...

  • yar, I love voice synth. so great and great at so much more than just autotune/vocoder. just great crazy sounds and good control over it. Here's to hoping for AudioBus integration.

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    iVoxel is awesome (regardless of iTunes rating), Voice Synth is great, and VocaLive is awesome too, Vio is a newer app that is also really cool and more versatile than first appears.

  • iVoxel is my favorite iOS Vocoder, and will be on the bus soon according to their twitter.

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    I have Improvox and can vouch that you can get that exact sound.

    I'd also recommend playing around with the key you set it to. Even though you say you're not a good singer, you'll find you have your own personal key range and gotta find your sweet spot, sorta speak. also depends on the key of the song you're playing guitar in.

    good luck

  • @gjcyrus awesome! I'll definitely pick that up. I don't have much interest in all kind of knob twiddling for crazy, bizarre vocal effects so I don't think I need something as full fledged as Voice Synth or anything. Improvox looks easy and simple, plus it should be on the bus soon. Thanks!

  • Can you use Voice Synth live? There is a live mode but I can never seem to make it do anything! I just record samples and manipulate them.

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