Audiobus Midi Clock with Quantisation

Is it in production ?

Is it even possible ?

What does it look like ?

I dream of the day that Audiobus Is my global midi clock and that all apps once synced via midi clock will start to play perfectly quantised when I press play on any given app in the Audiobus bar....

Will my dreams ever come true ?

Anyone care to comment ?


  • DaveMagoo's MIDIdream which adds a AB-style Midi pane to your synths. Where is it Dave? Where is it!?!?!

  • that would be brilliant. essentially turning an ipad into a mini version of Ableton Live.

    i'll take it :)

  • edited March 2013

    Lets hope so!
    Some way of reliably syncing sequencers/arps would add another gear to the ios revolution. The gear hasn't got the power to run all these apps together but if you you could sync them from a master source you could overdub to your hearts content on a suitable audio recorder.

    I think apple needs to write the code into ios to make this 100% compatible with all apps. Do any of you know if this function exists in ios at the moment?

  • I think Sebastian's team are working on something in this ball park..sure something similar has been mentioned previously.

    Even a WIST upgrade that syncs apps on the SAME ipad rather than having to have 2 iPads.

  • Michael has expressed his distaste for WIST on the loopy forum a few times. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one! Minds do change though...

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