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Mysterious "Recording" help

I have a problem that I am not able to solve...

I tried Sector in inputs and Effectrix in "FX" and second time in "Output" of AB, to see if the recording is solved.

Problem is most of my apps that have recording capabilities start to record?...I didn't activate rec.. Even worse, they keep recording in the background and putting AB into 1024 frames(!)

What is going on? When I take apps out of AB, I make sure they are stopped and not recording. Then if I close AB, the red bar on top says AB is recording...Is there something I didn't do or???
In iPad "settings" I disabled all mic inputs for apps that have it and now I load all compatible apps into AudioBus.
Not on their own...

I am sorry for all these questions, but it frustrates me.

TIA for advice.


  • The red bar at the top simply shows that the app is enabled to work in the background. It doesn't record anything. The text is misleading. To remove the red bar you have to double tap the home button, and swipe the apps you don't want active, upwards. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you, yes it helps, that did it...They did not for some reason close properly and it was like opening another instance of AB and latency went haywire...

    All good now, Cheers

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