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Focusrite I dock recording vocal and guitar at same time

edited November 2014 in Support and Feedback

Hi guys,
Can I record a vocal simultaneous with my guitar accompaniment on the focusrite I dock?
Need to be sure before I buy the kit. Thanks,


  • I don't have one, but it looks like you can in this video.

  • xenxen
    edited November 2014

    Yes. It has up to two channels of audio input. This can be a stereo pair of XLR or line input jacks or two mono channels, one XLR, one jack or two of each. Also, one of the inputs also has a separate instrument input jack for guitars etc.

    But despite multiple types of input, you can only ever run two channels in at a time.

  • Thanks, I suppose that means I would not be able to sing and play guitar and record both at the same time. I used to have a Boss BR 8, from 1999/2000 time, used the old zip discs, but was good for recording two tracks and produced some good stuff, nowadays the iPad has come to be in favour, but I am also thinking of getting a new Boss BR 800 as my main recording system. Maybe I'll get a dock for the iPad as we'll. thanks guys for your comments.

  • Yes, you can. You can use one of the XLRs for the mic and the instrument input for the guitar. It will also supply phantom power to the XLR if necessary.

  • Thanks for that Xen,
    I have found it hard to get a simple explaination, thanks for you advice. I'm still trying to keep up with up to date technology having started playing in a folk dance band back in the 1950s, I am now into setting up some new kit to do some recording. The iPad does look like a must have piece of kit.
    I have tried out drumjam and thumbjam. Can you tell me how I can use the two together?
    Best Wishes.

  • Audiobus is the best way forward here. If you put each of them in an input slot in Audiobus and have the system output in the output slot you can have them both playing together.

    If you are thinking about the iTrack dock and want to use MIDI check the Focusrite website and some of the threads on here. It only has a USB MIDI port and people have had problems with some of their hardware controllers not working with it.

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