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Need help iPad-AB

Hi, need some help with iPad setup and AudioBus setup.

Is there a tutorial on AB setup, or manual? I am new to ipad (AIR) and Apple OS... so bear with me please...

Problem # 1, I show latency of 1024 frames in AB???...Why? it tells me there are apps running in background?
(How do I find which ones? Is there an app for that?)

When I open AB, and click on input, choose a synth X, then I open FX like WOW and out choose the system speaker icon.

Problem is I can't switch between the apps like I see on utube? ...meaning I can't do something on X and get back to Wow.
I got also "error" on loading triqtraq (input) wow -fx...
Sometimes when I close everything (in AB, it still keeps recording? is it recording, I am using the output as a audio out so I can listen to it, but I didn't activate any recording anywhere...

Why is it a such a mess? The iPad is new, there are a few quiz games and then my music stuff, I cut wi-fi and bluetooth.

So is there a genius that can help me out please?
Thanks in advance...


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    Welcome to the AB Forum

    If you're new to iPad, then you need to familiarize yourself with how to get around on it first.

    This is for iOS 7 ( what ios version are you on?)

    You've picked kind of a rough time in iPad music making (iOS 8 and all the apps catching up to be compatible). Especially now, you should provide what versions of iOS, AB and any apps you are trying to use in AB. Some apps have not updated to the current AB SDK (communication between AB2 and the music App).

    As for closing apps, when you close them in AB, it doesn't close them on the iPad (see the link video on how iOS works). As for Recording, I am going to guess that you are talking about the RED bar across the top of the screen (yes?), this only indicates that the app is still running and it has it's run in background function enabled ( typically).

    Hang in there, eventually the waters will calm down (I hope ;-)

  • Hi Ganthofer and thanks for kind words:-)

    I am on iOS8
    Those videos are just what I needed...for me it's a crash course from W-7 to iOS...

    AB has a nice feature of compatibility, I managed to avoid buying un-usable apps like Samplr, which I really wanted...

    Yes I had the problem with closing the apps...and being used to a fast PC, I didn't wait long enough...(it seems to fall in place now)... and the red bar is on top of the screen...
    I manged to load triqtraq and run it through Wow....happy

    You really understood my problem, and it is starting to fall in place, it is frustrating when I couldn't fix the problems because I couldn't even find where they
    And I must have done something right, because my latency dropped down to 516frames

    Thanks for link and your help:-)...really appreciate saved me a lot of frustration.

  • I come from Windows and Linux. iOS can take a little getting used to, but the quality of the Music apps are well worth it IMHO.

  • Absolutely, I was trying Android tablets only to find myself drooling over iOS apps...
    Finally I caved in...wish I did it way back...

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