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Interview with Jonatan Liljedahl aka "Kymatica" - haQ piQ week 44

Interview with app developer Jonatan Liljedahl aka "Kymatica!

It is Monday and it is time for a new haQ piQ article on my blog !
I have managed to get an interview with one of Sweden's most prominent
app developer, Jonatan Liljedahl aka "Kymatica" (creator of AudioShare,
SECTOR among others).

iOS musicians, do yourself a favor and read this very interesting interview!


  • Very interesting. Thanks.

    AudioShare and SECTOR are two of the greatest iOS music apps IMO.

  • Thank you for linking this interview.

    I'm a huge Kymatica fan. Jonatan is one of the most attentive iOS developers out there and his apps have never failed me. When you email him with questions, etc. you get thoughtful responses -- you can tell he's a user, developer AND musician and combines those roles effectively. Bravo!

  • Good interview. I always forget that the AUFX series are part of Kymatica's stable. Great apps the lot of them.

  • edited October 2014

    Great interview. You ask really good questions. I was a hoping to learn 'how many months in total' in the answer to the time question, but nevermind, still an interesting answer.

  • Thank you! :)

  • edited October 2014

    When putting the article together I remembered the first time I ever contacted Jonatan. It was to tell him how important his apps had become to me. This was 6 months back I think and already at that time I was using at least one of his apps in every project I started. Still doing it.

  • Yes great interview!

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